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Down the Rabbit Hole

There’s this new show I’m obsessed with. Scorpion—about a group of geniuses working for the government to solve…well, basically any crime that involves computers, hacking, code, possible nuclear power plant meltdowns. Anyway, in said nuclear power plant meltdown, the characters discussed a state of mind called going down the rabbit hole. Others may refer to this as being in “the zone.”

This is a state of mind when you’re so focused basic necessities like food and water doesn’t matter. Showering is gone. Sleeping is a thing of the past. All that’s important is what you’re currently working on. Normally, those who go into this state survive, but there are those who do die.

I connected personally with this idea because of my addictive personality. When I first felt the high that comes from creating something, i.e. writing, I’d sit in front of my father’s electric typewriter for hours on end after school and on the weekends.

During my junior year of high school, my parents bought me a computer. My first time encountering the use of Word outside a school setting. That’s when I went down the rabbit hole and wrote my first novel. For an entire week, I did nothing but write—not coming out of my room for anything. In fact, I don’t remember much from that time. When I try to access the memories, I’m usually left with a black void. The only proof? A badly written novel and a memory gap. Scared me shitless.

Why am I sharing this? Because I know the feeling of going down the rabbit hole. Every time I start a new story, I feel the need to keep writing until either I finish or my fingers bleed, whichever comes first. This gnawing feeling never leaves. Why? Because of the high that comes with creating, with thinking of what comes next—the need to know what happens to my characters until the end.

Only the fear of not surviving another trip down the rabbit hole keeps me in check. I write one chapter a day for precisely this reason. I must physically stop myself from continuing. The most I do is two chapters a day. One in the morning. A significant break in between. And another in the afternoon. More than that and I’m not sleeping, eating, or doing much of anything but write for God knows how long it takes to finish.

It hasn’t happened for years. I think I have it under control. But I still feel that itch in the back of my mind. That impulse to forget the world and just write until my body gives out. Thank God for the distraction of the internet because we might be having a completely different conversation otherwise.



No explanation needed.


Read Today

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Get ready to swoon!

Didi. A girl from the other side of the tracks.

Caleb. A rich boy in desperate need of a fake girlfriend.

They meet after he saves her from jumping off a cliff.

The proposal: Accompany him to all the parties he must attend for the summer. He is willing to pay her for her time.

The condition: She must not, under any circumstances, fall in love with him or their relationship ends.

She accepts, but with a stern warning for him: “You might fall in love with me.”


The Gilmore Girls

I grew up watching The Gilmore Girls. It's the series that has stayed in my heart all these years. The fact that people are still hoping for a possible movie seven years after the series ended is a testament to the power of the show.

Because of my love for Lorelai and Rory, every year, at around this time, I treat myself to a marathon. A pilgrimage back to Stars Hollow if you will. I stand with Rory through all her boyfriends (Logan is still my favorite), share Lorelai's heartbreak when Luke "needed more time," and still cry when Rory makes this speech at her Chilton graduation:

I have all sorts of feels for this series...even for the seventh season, which is painful to watch, let me tell you. How one season can ruin the rest is beyond me. What were the writers thinking? Anyway, I won't gripe. That's been done, especially in this lovely blog post about the ending. And when I think about it, I agree that Taylor may have a huge penis.

I really do wish Amy Sherman-Palladino considers redoing the ending. The CW or was it The WB at the time really dropped the ball by letting her go. There's this really awesome article you should read that has a theory about Rory and Jess.

If you look at it, of all of Rory's boyfriends in the show, Jess had the most pivotal role. When she dropped out of Yale, who convinced her to come back? Jess. This is how I see the movie. It would be Rory's wedding. She's a famous journalist now. The whole movie is about the "day of" where she's preparing to walk down the aisle with lots of flashbacks that gives us a glimpse into what's been happening with everyone in our beloved Stars Hollow. Luke and Lorelai will definitely be married and will have a kid because we need Sid/Nancy slash Leopold/Lobe. Then we'll see that Lorelai's relationship with her parents is so much better. Sookie St. James will earn a Michelin Star (or several).

Anyway, you get what I mean...I hope. And throughout the movie we don't know who the groom is until Rory walks down the aisle where we get a shot of Jess, who's become a best selling author--because how could he not?

That's me being sentimental. I love this series so much that it hurts not to see the characters getting the endings they deserve. Here's to hoping a movie will get made soon. For now, it's yearly marathons in September.

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