Still I Rise

One of my favorite poems is "Still I Rise" by Maya Angelou. In its verses chronicles the struggles of women and how they stand each time they are kicked down.

In my life, I have been kicked down so many times I have lost count. In case no one told you, life ain't easy. When I was younger, I hated being kicked down. I had a loser's mentality. I always thought, "Why me? I don't deserve this!"

But, as I grow older, I have come to appreciate the moments when life kicks me down. Why? Because it affords me the chance to stand up stronger. It gives me the impetus I need to get up and get something done.

Just this morning, I have been kicked down. I didn't even feel the pain anymore. Immediately, my mind started racing with ideas and plans and next steps. It's exactly what I needed to get me out of this unmotivated state I have been in since my accident. I felt like I was standing still for these past few months and now it's time to get a move on.

Like my tattoo says, "Action Before Inspiration." I need to move or like a shark I will did if I stay still too long. I'm excited. There are so many opportunities ahead of me I have yet to explore.

There are no shortcuts to getting to where I am emotionally. No one likes being kicked. I don't like it either, but I've learned to use it to my advantage. Now, excuse me while I head to Starbucks and plot out what I need to do next.

Set a goal then do everything in your power to achieve it. Then set a goal again.

Unpopular Opinion

I might as well come out and say it. I did not enjoy watching Antman and The Wasp. I think it's one of the weaker movies in the MCU.

I think the better writers in the franchise were too busy with Avengers 3 and 4 that side movies like Antman 2 suffered. The story line wasn't engaging. Only half the jokes landed. Some characters didn't need to be there and were just distractions from the plot.

I hope Captain Marvel, which just wrapped, does a better job. Might this be another origin movie? An introduction of a new character that will play a major role in Avengers 4? We'll have to wait and see.

With three Marvel movies having come out this year and three more next year, I understand that at least one will have a crappy story. Unfortunately, for this case it's Antman 2, not an all too significant character in the MCU. Would the franchise have suffered without this file? I think not.

The only part I enjoyed? The post credit scene. It was unexpected and totally connects to Infinity War. I thought have stayed for the second end credit scene, but I needed to go to the bathroom.

Should you watch Antman and the Wasp, of course. I'm not one to stop people from going to the movies. Judge for yourself. I gave my opinion. Now earn yours.

Emily's Russian Obsession

I have been watching Gilmore Girls for years and only now have noticed Emily's obsession with everything Russian themed. I have several examples. If there are more that I have missed, let me know.

First happens when Emily elbows her way into planning Sookie's wedding. After she is fired from the gig because nothing is cheap when it comes to Emily Gilmore, Lorelei confronts her saying that the wedding Emily is planning is not actually Sookie's but hers. Emily denies it and says the wedding she planned for Lorelei was a Russian winter theme ala the Romanovs.

The next suggestion of a Russian theme comes when Emily is planning the launch party for Richard and Jason going into business together. She even says, "It's nice that we can like Russians again." Or something to that effect. 

The last Russian connection has to do with an event in the 6th season called the Russian Tea. It was when Rory and Lorelei had their falling out and Rory was living with her grandparents. There were even balalaikas being played in the episode.

I'm sure I'm missing another event that Emily wanted to plan that was Russian-themed. I'll probably update this post when I encounter it. At the moment I'm already in season 4, about to watch episode 16. 

Tag! You're It!

As a young girl, I've participated in my share of games of tag. Running free, trying to catch the next person. There was no feeling quite like it. So imagine my excitement when I found out there was a movie with the game as its main premise.

The story follows a group of friends who have been playing the same game of tag for 30 years. They play it for the entire month of May. What pushes the movie over the top is the fact that one of the participants has never been tagged and he prides himself in that fact. Most of the movie revolves around the group trying to tag their friend.

Along the way, we find out that the movie is more than the hi-jinks that ensue. It's about the bonds of friendship. How the game keeps them close even through the passage of time.

I will not spoil what happens, especially toward the end. But what I will say is this movie is based on a true story. During the credits, they actually showed footage of the real life men playing tag and the lengths they would go to just to tag their friend. It's actually quite funny and heartwarming. 

Okay, Weird!

As an author, I know I've done my job when a reader sends me a tweet or a message letting me know that they enjoyed reading my nook. Any of my books, really. It's so heartwarming when someone tells you that for a couple of hours you made them forget how overwhelming life was.

Also as an author, I love interacting with readers. If they had taken the time to write me about my book, I usually want to respond. I want to let them know how their kind words made me feel. How sweet they are for reaching out. Sometimes, I just want to thank them for reading my book.

Well, today, something weird happened. I went to my FB Page, as I often do because that it where some readers reach me. In my inbox, I found a message with 11 separate posts it in.

The posts basically chronicle a reader's experience while reading No Holding Back. This is the second book of my Dodge Cove Trilogy and it involves a romance between Nathan and Preston. If you're looking for a falling for my best friend love story set in Europe, check it out.

Okay, shameless plugging over.

The reader basically gushed about how much he enjoyed reading the book. At least, based on the name, I think he is a he.

Anyway, after I finished reading the blow by blow account of his enjoyment, I was ready to send a reply when I realized I couldn't reply to his message. It said at the bottom that my page couldn't reply to him. So I went to click on the profile only to find out that it had been deleted.

Now, I don't know how to feel. On the one hand, I'm happy someone enjoyed reading No Holding Back so much that he wrote me 11 messages. (By the way, 11 is my life number). On the other hand, I'm sad that I can't let him know how much I appreciate his messages.

If he happens to read this blog post, please know: Your message made my day. Thank you for taking the time to write me about No Holding Back. Good luck with school. And I have chores too!

Kirk's Many Jobs

One of the most oddball characters in the Gilmore Girl universe will have to be Kirk. Did you know his first name was Jim? He was supposed to install a DSL line at Lorelei's house during the first season. Second episode, I believe.

What boggles my mind about Kirk is his many jobs. He has worked at ever job in Stars Hollow. And the thing is, you never see him in the same job twice.

When Luke was planning on buying the Twikcum House, Kirk actually put in a competing offer. This is where we find out that he has over a quarter of a million dollars in his account. Luke confronts him about it and Kirk explains that it's because of all his jobs.

Granted, he lives with his mother, so his expenses might not be that big, but he's always eating at Luke's. That could not come cheap if you're working minimum wage jobs. At the same time, are they all part time jobs? From the looks of it, yes. If, let's say, minimum wage is $10. How can Kirk amass quarter of a million dollars?

If you move from job to job, doesn't that mean you don't get a full paycheck? I mean, it doesn't look like he works full time anywhere. Just some of the things you can get away with in TV land, I guess. 
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