Author Focus

The special post today is short, but really sweet. 

Kindness is such a wonderful thing. Bloggers, especially, I have found to be some of the kindest and most awesome people. This is not just because I'm a blogger and a certain blogger did one of the most unexpected, yet terribly nicest things for me. Bloggers rock! That's why I decided to do a weekly Blogger Interview that features seasoned bloggers along with fledglings. We all can learn from each other.

For me, blogging is a way to connect. It brings people who might not be able to meet under normal circumstances together. 

As some of you might not know, I am also a writer. I am working hard on getting my young adult novels published. The goal is to share the stories of the characters in my head with as many people as possible. This is why I started the Stream of Subconsciousness section of my website.

It is because of the Stream of Subconsciousness section that I met Jess, from The Tales of Compendium. She emailed me one day about one of my novels, Hunter's Moon. I only post the first five pages, but anyone can email me and I'd gladly send out the first chapter. Anyway, this led to the unexpected act of kindness.  Jess was gracious enough to do an Author Focus on me. Me. Can you imagine? It totally gave me the confidence to keep going. You can click here to see the post.

So, lesson for the day, bloggers are awesome and sincerely kind. Jess, thank you so much!   


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