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Okay, so I was trolling along for new things to read and new blogs to visit when I found Write About Now. It's a fledgling blog, but it has interesting content. One of the things I found was a link to a writing analyzer. You paste your writing in the box and click analyze and viola, your writing is analyzed. I was tickled by the idea and gave it a try since you know, dear reader, that I write too. In seconds, I found out I write like Dan Brown. I have the badge to prove it!

I write like
Dan Brown
I Write Like by Mémoires, Mac journal software. Analyze your writing!

Now, I find that increasingly hilarious because who would have thought I write like the author of the Da Vinci Code. Not sure if that's a good thing. In this site, I have excerpts of the novels I'm working on. You can click here to visit them. You be the judge, dear reader. Do I really right like Dan Brown?


  1. huh-my writer is like- Stephen King :) i'm not sure about that....but i have to admit i kind of love Stephen King so :D

  2. Ack! It says I write like Kurt Vonnegut! And... I have no idea who that is.

  3. +JMJ+

    I get different answers depending on the kind of writing I do in my excerpt, but the name that keeps coming back again and again is David Foster Wallace--whom I have never, ever read!

  4. Lol. I love that meme. :) I tried that quiz on different paragraphs of the same work and I got... Will Shakespeare, Margaret Atwood and Nabokov. Huhuhuhu. ;p

  5. Very cool! Depending on what piece of writing I plug in, I write like Stephen King or JK Rowling. Hehe. Oh, also you should check out the award you've won! :D

  6. Isn't it totally fun? That's why I decided to post about it. I haven't tried it with other sections of my work, but I guess, if you get different authors that means your writing is uniquely yours right? :-P

  7. Hi,Kate! Glad you used that little gizmo on your blog too - it is fun, isn't it?! At least you have heard of the writer whose writing yours resembles.

    Thanks for the mention of my blog ... the free, if inadvertent, advertising is appreciated. :)

    Jan Marie

  8. Always happy to help out a fellow blogger, Jan. Thanks for coming by. You're always welcome.

  9. Haha, that's nifty. Apparently I write like JK Rowling, lol. And hey, there are worse things than writing like Dan Brown, at least he's compulsively readable :)

    And thanks so much for your interview request, we'd love to :D


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