Blogger Interview: Angus and Robertson Edwardstown

About the Blogger:

We are a local home owned business who love to find books new homes! We want to bring our great customer service to our loyal fans and we love to hear what our customers need.

About the Blog:

Angus & Robertson Edwardstown is a bookstore in Adelaide, Australia. We have a wide range of books and if we don't have what you want we will try and order it in for you. We want to find our books new homes! Our blog is designed to help us do just that, we want a fresh clean layout that does not confuse readers, but gives them what they want.


1) How long have you been blogging?

The straight anwser to this is not very long, proberly about a month and a half. Before this, I set up a Facebook site for the store and that has been going really well. We have had that for nearly a year and we have 283 fans.

2) Why did you decide to blog?

I have NEVER blogged before haha. I don't even have Twitter. The only social media we used was Facebook and now I am addicted to that and our blog! I was getting frustrated with some of the limitations of Facebook in regards to promotions and product displays, so I wanted something like a website. Only I didn't have the knowledge on how to set up a website. Also my newsletters were getting way to long so I wanted to find a better media for our information. One day I was surfing the net and came across an authors blog and thought this is what I want! Something we can update easily and we fell in love with the gadgets/widgets. It is really good because I can now interlink both our Blog and Facebook and update them at the same time.

3) What is your Blog about?

Books! Our blog is about books. We are a bookstore in Australia and we live, sleep and breathe books haha. No seriously it seems that way sometimes. Unlike some other bookstore we actually read too >.< There are four main people who work in the store and two weekend staff, all of us are pretty good readers with a book taste that is different. Take me (Tarran) I love fantasy, adventure, history and metaphysics (New Age) Sonia loves Crime, True Crime, biographies and sport. Tamara loves manga, paranormal, and teen. Jo love travel and fiction. Our Blog is about upcoming releases, reviews, author information, signings, and interesting titles. Everything I couldn't fit into the newsletter haha, but thought people would like to know.

4) What do you usually post about and why?

The things we usually post are books specials, reviews and author interviews at the moment. We are just getting the hang of writing a blog and trying to figure out what people want to read. We do not want to bore them with trival stuff they have no interest in, they come to a book blog to learn about books, not my personal life haha. We had a giveaway promotion the other day with a Star Wars book by Sean Williams, and will be doing more of them in the future.

5) What is your Blogging style like?

I don't really know, hopefully good. I had somebody say they loved the site and frequently lurk looking at all the information!

6) If you can describe your blog in one word, what would it be and why?

Awesome! Thats because I am bias hahaha... No really it is, it is full of pictures, reviews and posts about the best thing in the world; Books! Ands it is only going to get better.

7) What advice can you give other bloggers about blogging?

Read blogging for dummies haha it is a great book! Other than that it is trial by error. Post as much as you can and follow publically. Be seen in the blogging world and don't be afraid to post. Link your blog to your Facebook and Twitter, so when you post on the blog, it gets posted on the other medias at the same time.

8) What kind of promotion techniques do you use to get followers?

We simply state our specials and get them out there into the digital world! We use Facebook and word of mouth. We advertise on our newsletters about the blog and also in our centre there is toilet advertising. You would be suprised about people who have come in and said I see you have so and so for this price simply because they saw our ad in the toilet. We have used this to our advantage and hopefully this will bring us more followers.

9 If there was something you'd want your readers to take away from reading your blog, what would it be?

Satisfaction that we have provided the information they needed to give a book a new home.

10) What can readers look forward to from your blog in the future?

The world is our oyster! Our readers will look forward to hearing about future signings, such as we have Claudia Gray, author of "Evernight" coming in at the end of the month. As I get better mastering the art of the blog, the site will look great and more information will be posted! We also have our monthly newsletters posted up there as well as kick arse reviews, what staff are reading, new releases and whats coming. People should definatly come and have a look and follow us as we are only going to get better!

Blogger Remarks:

I had the pleasure of finding out about Angus and Robertson Edwardstown through Book Blogs. I've met so many interesting people there, and Tarran is one of them. I really wanted to feature her blog. I have a soft spot for bookstores, for obvious reasons. So, thank you so much Tarran for giving us your time. To visit her blog, click on the picture of her store at the top of this page. It's been a pleasure having you here. Next week, watch out for my interview with Alex from More Than Just a Book.


  1. No thank you for interviwing us and putting our store out there! It was a pleasure, and if you need any booky knowledge just let us know!!

  2. It's also been a pleasure for me. I look forward to seeing my own novels in your store soon. :-)


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