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Hallu! Hallu, dear readers! As many of you might know, I'm part of Book Blogs. It's a great place to meet other book bloggers and authors and a whole bunch of other awesome people. And that's where I met the host for this week's contest. V.T. is the blogger for Ripostee and he's hosting is very first book giveaway.

But Kate, what's so different about this contest? You might ask dear reader. Well, here are the rules:

1. Before you participate, you have to become a follower of this blog. You get +2 bonus points every time you share this on Facebook, Twitter, your blog or some other social network.

2. The main rule of the contest is to write a very short piece of prose (max. 150 words) that includes the words: boat, truth, wax, sheathed, tail and magic.

3. Next, fill out the blanks in the form bellow (do not forget your veery short story) and you should be done! So that you know, the winning piece will be chosen by me.

4. Last but not least, the contest ends on September 15 at 12.30 GMT. The winner will be contacted via email and expected to provide his/her shipping address. Furthermore, the winning piece (and the runner-up) will be posted on the blog.

What is he giving away?

The debut novel "Seaborn" by Chris Howard

Why should you join this contest? First, it's an interesting challenge. Second, it's INTERNATIONAL. Third, to get a chance to explore a new blog. So, why wait? Head on over to Ripostee and enter! Click HERE or the blog name to visit V.T.'s blog.


  1. I got on a boat, to tell you the truth, the surface felt slippery, probably due to the wax. The shoe sheathed my tail from the fall I would've otherwise had was it not for my magic shoes.

    forsurveysonly at gmail dot com

  2. hi, thanks for commenting!!Im a new follower and im intrigued with what you write buti cant seem to find it anywhere

  3. Hi Stray,

    If you mean the novels that I'm writing, they're not published yet. I'm still looking for a home for them. But if you want to read the whole first chapter, just email me at the contact section.


  4. Hi Kate,

    Am now following your blog. Would love to do the interview thing you asked about. Send me an email at soapboxinmymind AT yahoo DOT com and let me know what to do.

    Thanks again!

    Angela Kay-Soap Box in My Mind


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