Blogger Interview: The Book Girl

About the Blogger:

Hey all! I'm Naiche (although I also go by Lizzie or, of course, the book girl). I'm a fifteen-year-old New Yorker, aspiring writer, avid reader, and diagnosed bookaholic. What more can I say?

About the Blog:

The Book Girl Reads is a book review blog that is exclusive to YA fiction and teen reads. Covering all genres and topics, I write to all readers with one thing in common: a love of YA novels. I give all of my books letter grades and write my own synopses for them. Most importantly, I write my reviews because I love books. And that's all the motivation I need.


How long have you been blogging?

I’ve been blogging for about a month now. I never expected to get such a quick and amazing turnout! Getting 59 followers in one month is awesome.

Why did you decide to blog?

I guess I desperately needed to channel my book obsession. I’d contemplated the idea of writing book reviews before (I even have them in some old notebooks), but I never knew where to start. When I discovered that the world of book blogging existed, I was super excited. I love being part of a community where other people love to read just as much as I do.

What books do you blog about and why?

I usually review young adult (YA) novels. The reasoning behind that is pretty much that those are the books I relate to most. It’s hard to like a book about an adult if you’re a teen. Aside from that, I’ll review any genre. Fantasy, romance, drama…you name it, I review it. I’ve never been picky about the genres I read, and I like to be open-minded about books. I’ll pick up a book about a yodeling ballet dancer who plays the trumpet as long as it looks good.

What memes can be found on your blog?

The two weekly features on my blog are my top lists and polls. I do lists of (in my opinion) the best characters, book quotes, and other things like that. I also have a weekly poll on a book I’ve recently reviewed. I’m also a part of the Contemps challenge, where I agreed to read 18 contemporary YA novels over the course of one year. I do have three blog-related projects that I’m working on and that will hopefully start up in about two weeks: UP Sundays (a small feature that puts a spotlight on unpublished writers on websites like and, The Book Nerds (a weekly book discussion panel), and the Fourteen Favorites Reader Challenge.

What is your review style like?

My review layout is a simple one with a Book Girl twist. I put up the book’s cover, and write my own synopsis for it. I tell the reader who the author and publisher are and how long the book is. My review is under a header called “The Skinny”, which is another phrase for my opinion or the 411. At the end of each review, I give the book a letter grade ranging from A (I absolutely loved this book) to D (this was horrible). I never give a book an F because I do think that’s very harsh.

If you can describe your blog in one word, what would it be and why?

Fun. I love to actually talk to the reader while I’m reviewing the book, making side comments and little jokes here and there. I’m constantly changing my blog to make it reader-friendly. I want my readers to feel like they’re a part of the site, and I want them to really enjoy reading my reviews.

What advice can you give other bloggers about blogging?

I’d say…Don’t give up. I know that’s a very cliché piece of advice, but it’s so true. Just because you don’t get 100 followers on your first week of blogging, it doesn’t mean your blog will be a fail. Make sure you’re blogging because it’s something YOU want to do, not because you want a lot of followers or want to compete against other bloggers. Take your time, network, and talk to other bloggers. You never know who will offer help. Like I said before, blogging is a hobby. You do it because you love it.

What kind of promotion techniques do you use to get followers?

Hm. I do most of my promotion online. I post my link up on writing and reading communities like Inkpop and Book Blogs. I’ve submitted my work to Teen Ink and other magazines. I’ve joined a lot of blogger forums where I talk to others about how to improve my blog. I email other bloggers and authors, and just make myself as close to the book blogging community as I can. Most importantly, I get great support from my family and friends!

If there was something you’d want your readers to take away from reading your blog, what would it be?

I just hope that after reading a good review, my readers will want to go out and read that book. I love when people comment and say: Hey, I saw that at the bookstore, I think I’ll read it now.

What can readers look forward to from your blog in the future?

Well, I’m hoping that the three features I mentioned before will be up and running in a couple of weeks. I have tons of great books on my list to review and lots of author interviews I’m thinking about. I just posted a 50 member giveaway, and I hope to do many, many more. (I’m also thinking of doing some fun Book Girl themed cards and bookmarks). So stay tuned!

Blogger Remarks:

I met Liz through Book Blogs. If you haven't joined yet, click on the badge at my sidebar. It's a great place to hangout. Anyway, thank you so much Liz for answering some of my questions. I truly appreciate your time. To visit Liz's blog, you can click on her blog name featured at the top of this post. Next week, I'll be interviewing Cyna + Kayla from You're Killing Me.


  1. Hi Kate,
    Thanks for the Welcome to Book blogs. I like your site.
    Loved the line in the interview "I desperately needed to channel my book obsession." Sounds all too familiar.

  2. Thanks for the interview! I really appreciate it. :)

  3. That was great to read and I hope you continue to enjoy both reading and blogging.


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