Blogger Interview: Have Sippy Will Travel

Have Sippy Will Travel

About the Blogger:

My name is Samantha, I am a late-20-something mommy and teacher. I love my job (usually!) and my kids, and of course my very patient dear husband. I am a recent grad student, lover of books, travel, yoga, pilates, camping, animals, children, food/cooking, and fun. I am always on the lookout for adventure. I have traveled the world as a volunteer and a student, and have seen some amazing places, and met some wonderful people.

I love to read, and am a history buff (and some would say nerd). My kids mean the world to me, and I love that as a mom and a teacher, I get to help shape and enrich young minds.

About the Blog:

My blog is.....a hodgepodge :) It is definitely geared towards mothers. I love sharing information, and learning. Lord knows I don't know it all! LOL. So, when I started happening upon blogs I really liked, and seeing new products, and leaning new things to try, and books to read, and "meeting" people who are "like me"....I got excited and wanted to be a part of it! There were great products I have never heard of, cool websites I didn't know about, great recipes, fantastic books- stuff I never would have seen or tried. Plus, it is a whole community of people out there who you'd never get to "meet" otherwise. So, basically that is why I started blogging. Have Sippy Will Travel is a work in progress, but there are some really sweet bloggers who have given me great advice, and I am learning as I go!


How long have you been blogging?

For about 4 years, but this is my first public blog

Why did you decide to blog?

I wanted to do this blog to meet new people, and talk about stuff that interests me, and to learn about things that interest me. Look at this, I'm an egomaniac! :)

What books do you blog about and why?

Anything I like. I LOVE books. I do health books, historical fiction, travel, fiction, non fiction, childrens, YA, really- anything that strikes my fancy! I'm a mom and a teacher, so the kids books are a part of my daily life.

What memes can be found on your blog?

LOL, I have A LOT

What is your review style like?

I am a pretty happy person, so my reviews are pretty upbeat.
If you can describe your blog in one word, what would it be and why? Cheery

What advice can you give other bloggers about blogging?

Just do what makes you happy. It's a release.

What kind of promotion techniques do you use to get followers?

I'm not great at that yet- maybe you can get your readers to follow me! Come on, guys, I'm FAB-u-LAHS! lol

If there was something you’d want your readers to take away from reading your blog, what would it be?

I hope that it makes them feel happy and calm, and that they find out about some cool stuff that they may not have heard about before then.

What can readers look forward to from your blog in the future?

More reviews! (Oh, and more pictures of my Little Man....sorry!)

Blogger Remarks:

It's the name that drew me to this blog. Then I charming content made me stay. Thank you so much Sam for taking the time to answer my questions and allowing me to feature your blog. If you want to visit Have Sippy Will Travel, just click on the blog button featured at the top of this page. Next week, it's all about Emily from For a Rainy Day. Stay tuned!

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