Superstitions on Love

Countless superstitions, spells, and proverbs cater to the lovelorn. The bulk of them are designed either to help identify the one "true love" whom everyone is presumed to seek, or else to persuade a reluctant partner of someone's desirability.

If you want to see who you will love in the future you can:

1. Throw an apple peel over your shoulder and look at the letter that it forms when it lands on the floor.

2. Sleep with a mirror or pieces of wedding cake under your pillow.

(personally, I would go for the mirror.)

And one you have that certain loved one, you have to avoid:

1. Having your picture taken together before the wedding. (Apparently a reckless act that can bring about estrangement)

2. Kissing when one partner is seated.

3. exchanging gifts of shoes. (This encourages one of you to walk out of the relationship)

4. And in the case of women, taking the last piece of bread and butter from the plate unless it is offered. (This I am not sure why)

I'm not making these things up. They come from the Cassell Dictionary of Superstitions. Hilarious if you ask me. More to come in the next posts.


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