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Nancy Neptune loves to stir up trouble – it makes for awesome radio. But even the Queen of Obscene is amazed by all the twisted things that go down in the polygamist community of Zion Flats.

For Sandy Wyman, a one armed reporter, sharing a house with Nancy Neptune is like living in a dorm room on steroids. Seeking refuge from the chaos that comes from being within 20 feet of a person like Nancy Neptune, Sandy befriends a polygamist with a host of sketchy habits.

Nadine Mackleprang, a nosy neighbor, is trying to eat everything that isn't nailed down so she won't have to think about why her husband has left her for another man. When she learns that Sandy's polygamist pal is in danger, Nadine waddles to the rescue.

Join Nancy Neptune and her eccentric gaggle of girlfriends for an unforgettable tour through polygamist country in Jitters - A Quirky Little Audio Book.

Jitters is a full-length audio book told in first person narratives. Each chapter begins with a newscast on KNVL, the radio station headed by the notorious Nancy Neptune. Listen as a cast of 15 characters react to the events of the day in Jitters - A Quirky Little Audio Book.

About the Author:

When I tell people I grew up in Boulder, Colorado, they say that explains a lot about my personality. After receiving a Bachelor of Arts from Mesa State College, I spent the next 20 years working in television and radio as a reporter, news anchor and on-air Personality. During my career in broadcasting, I also worked as a freelance writer and photographer. My articles and photos have been published in a variety of magazines. In 2008, I formed Straight to Audio Productions and produced my first audio book. Outside the studio, I enjoy ATV riding and hanging out at Lake Powell with Michael, my funny Valentine.


1. When did you decide to start writing?

I've been writing most of my life. In high school, I wrote a series of short stories called The Adventures of Bad Brad and New Wave Dave. After college, I went to work as a radio and television news reporter so I wrote every day. I completed my first novel in 1997 and have written two more since that time. In an attempt to boost my chances of getting an agent or publisher interested in my novels, I started working as a freelance writer for a number of magazines.

2. What is your genre and why did you decide to write a novel in it?

I've always been attracted to edgy satire. My favorite authors are Christopher Moore, Tom Robbins and Carl Hiaasen. As a reporter, I was limited to revealing the facts as they were presented to me. The ability to manipulate the story and make it “better” was very appealing. In short, I've always longed to be a “liar liar pants on fire.”

3. Were you worried about the word count of your work?

When I was trying to my novels published, I was very concerned about word count. I was convinced that a novel had to be at least 350 pages in order to be “legitimate.” I'm not sure if this has any validity – I've purchased several “little” books that I've really enjoyed. However, most of these are not novels. As an audio book producer, I'm now concerned with production length. Audio books cost a lot of money, so I think (whether it's rational or not) that I should provide the listener with at least six hours of content.

4. Do you have any writing quirks and what are they?

I'm a clean freak so my desk and office have to be neat and tidy. I'm fortunate in that my studio/office features an awe-inspiring view of Zion National Park. Coffee is my constant companion but I have to drink mine from an adult “sippy cup” because I'm just one spill away from wrecking my recording equipment.

5. If you can describe your novel in one word, what would it be and why?

Quirky! My work is designed for “niche” listeners who don't want the story to be presented in a typical fashion. My belief is that there really isn't anything new under the sun, so my task is to present the “same old same old” in a different way. Most of the audio books today feature one actor doing the voices for all the characters in the story. In Jitters-A Quirky Little Audio Book, each character is played by a different actor who tells their story in a first person narrative. I also use a unique way of narrating the story –
since the story involves a radio station, I begin each chapter with a newscast and then have the characters react to the news.

6. How did you decide on the title and what does it mean?

Frankly, this is one area where I could use some improvement! Initially, the manuscript was simply titled Jitters. Nancy Neptune, the lead character in the story, is dismayed to discover she can't find a good cup of coffee (or even a bad one) in Utah. Being a master manipulator, Neptune devises a number of ways to get around this problem. Later, I added “A Quirky Little Audio Book” to the title and also a header which says “WHEN RADIO AND POLYGAMY COLLIDE . . .” My hope was that the additional information would bring clarity to the project, but the jury is still out on that. I seem to have trouble keeping things simple. My first novel was called Nancy Neptune's Parrot Head Tails about Those Crazy Kids from Browntown.

7. What do you hope your readers will get out of reading your novel?

More than anything, I would like people to laugh!

8. Tell us a little about your road to publication.

Unable to capture the attention of an agent or publisher, I did some soul searching about why I wanted to be published in the first place. At the time, I was working in television and also doing freelance writing for a number of magazines. A lot of my work was already out in the public domain so it wasn't recognition that I was seeking. I finally got to the bottom of it: what I really wanted was to produce an audio book. Initially, I thought I had to get published first. In a life changing “ah ha” moment, I realized I could bypass the publishing industry altogether. I formed an LLC called Straight to Audio Productions. I recorded my first audio book using nothing but a mic, a mixer and a laptop. Amazingly, I was able to get this project for sale on I didn't make much money on that first endeavor, but it gave me the courage to leap headfirst into the audio book industry. I built a recording studio, hired a group of actors and recorded Jitters-A Quirky Little Audio Book.

9. What advice can you give other aspiring authors out there? 

Never give up. Just because an agent or publisher ignores your work, or even gives you a bad review, that doesn't mean it doesn't have merit. I often disagree with critics who trash one novel and praise another. It's a big world out there and someone is waiting to read your stuff. Use the internet to help you connect with potential readers and keep your fingers crossed that you will stumble across someone like Kate Evangelista who is kind enough to review your work.

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Adele, thank you so much for granting me the pleasure of being a part of my Author Interview. You are the first audio book featured here at Reads, Reviews, Recommends. And dear readers, Adele has been kind enough to giveaway copies of her audio book, so stay tuned to that giveaway that will be posted tomorrow. If you want to learn more about Jitters and Adele, you can visit her website at:

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