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About the Blog:

A blog that features various authors from around the world and their writings. Every book is described and offered for purchase should the reader wish. There are text links across the blog top to mini-biographies of various authors. This blog is for anyone who enjoys reading and learning from a wide selection of authors.

About the Blogger:

I graduated the University of Mississippi in 2008, with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in theatre/design. I have worked professionally as a stitcher/dresser in professional theatre. In 1985, I graduated from Heritage Christian University with an Associate's of Arts in Bible/religion. Currently, I am earning my Master's in criminal justice at the University of North Alabama. My daughter is married, and they live in Tennessee. I have a twin sister. My main interests are books and reading, theatre, crafts, sewing, and criminal justice issues. Blogging is a new interest that I am enjoying very much. I own and operate a website,, which is where I sell my original-design Americana dresses and wood decorative birdhouses.


How long have you been blogging?

About 8 months

Why did you decide to blog?

To be able to share my likes with others who have the same interests

What books do you blog about and why?

Mostly classical literature, because I love history.

What memes can be found on your blog?

Literature has no real cultural boundaries. We can appreciate and learn from all cultures, not only our own. Appreciation for literature from around the world can be gained by anyone who is open and willing to read. This is not genetically hard-coded within us as humans. It is our free choice to increase in knowledge and thus grow emotionally as people.

What is your review style like?

The books included in my blog are books that I have read, and many I also own copies of. I include only books that I consider to be excellent rating. Taken into consideration is the writing style, subject matter, and organization of the book's contents.

If you can describe your blog in one word, what would it be and why?

Education. We can never learn too much about the people on this world and their cultures.

What advice can you give other bloggers about blogging?

Be honest. Speak to readers in a manner that is respectful and non-condescending.

What kind of promotion techniques do you use to get followers?

I try to offer much original content, and not just ads to make purchases. No one likes to be bombarded with ads when they enter a website or blog. I try to have variety in the authors and writings I choose to include.

If there was something you’d want your readers to take away from reading your blog, what would it be?

That knowledge and education are necessary in our lives. In order to better understand others, we need to be familiar with many cultures and situations. Reading is a great way to accomplish this goal.

What can readers look forward to from your blog in the future?

In the future, I will be adding more information to my top text link categories. As I gain new knowledge, those categories will be updated. I will also be posting new good books that I find available for purchase. Future posts will also report what books I am currently reading. I plan to include articles from authors in the future. Some of my books' authors are deceased, but some are not. I will be expanding my base of books to include more 21st century authors.

Blogger Remarks:

It's always a pleasure to meet new bloggers. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain when meeting someone new. Thank you so much Danice for giving me the chance to feature you in this Blogger Interview series. Dear readers, come and visit Quaint Cottage Bookstore at:

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  1. Thank you, Kate, for publishing this interview. You really are a great friend :)


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