The Coming of Age and 500 Follower Giveaway

It's Thursday Giveaway Day, dear readers! This is why I want to remind you all about my 500 Follower Giveaway, which you can enter HERE. There's still time. The giveaway ends February 11, 2011.

As usual, my good friend Noey, from Her Name is Noelle, is picking out the winners. And as a special treat, she's consented to share with all of you one of the songs she's written called The Coming of Age, which I feel is appropriate since we're celebrating reaching 500 Followers and more. Let us know what you think of the song by leaving a comment.

About the Artist:

My name is Noelle Pico and I write songs. I count among my influences musicians like Vienna Teng, Karen Carpenter and the many Disney soundtracks and musical scores that were a standard while I was growing up. There are others, of course, but given that my trademark line is “I’ll listen to anything once,” I’ll save talking about them for another time.

I named this website Chasing Kites because that’s pretty what my music and the dream surrounding my music is all about. Kites are beautiful things, but to let them soar you need to learn patience and timing or else you’ll never get it off the ground. The patience part I’m working on. As for timing, I’d like to think that anything you really want, you started on yesterday. :)

The Coming of Age
Music & Lyrics: Noelle Pico

take it slow
you're going out there now
and you have only yourself
and the thoughts you carry
you have only your hands

and you will breathe in deeply
you will look for something out there

and you know
that all that's left is faith
and trust will be right here
caught between your fingers
the world's so big

so let them keep their secrets
leave alone what's for tomorrow

these clothes don't fit me anymore
these shoes are too worn down from walking
i'll strip my being down
i'll shed the skin off
the barest of my bones

go on slow
you're really out there now
and you'll want more than yourself
and these dreams you bury
you'll need more than your hands

so curl up your weary fingers
hope your heels can tread on seashells

and say:
these clothes don't fit me anymore
and these shoes are too worn down for walking
so i strip my being down like fruit
and i shed the skin off
the barest of my bones

take it slow
you're going out there now
you're really out there now
just out there

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