Johnny Opps Giveaway!

Hallu, dear readers!

It's giveaway day!

As mentioned yesterday, Arthur Levine is giving away a signed copy of his novel Johnny Oops. Here's info on the novel:

Oops, Johnny has messed up again. He can’t help that he’s a gangly thirteen-year-old who’s into self-gratification and quickly matures into a womanizer and sex maniac who doesn’t know if he’s a charlatan, a guru, or a prophet. He’s not even sure he’s real, but he’s convinced he has the word of God to deliver to his flock. As he charges from one reality to another, his aggressive genius genes take over spawning a seven foot tall giant of a son, two precocious telepathic twin daughters, and a second son who is his link to immortality.

While recovering from a suicide attempt caused by his rejection by the first love of his life, Alice, he contemplates the existence of an all-powerful Game Master playing God’s role. He attempts to use Quantum Computing to shape his own virtual reality world and control his destiny. Unsuccessful in his attempt to cocoon himself in a world of his own making, Johnny tries to get closer to God and his inner self through a series of drug and alcohol infused sexual escapades that leave him exhausted and questioning his true identity.

Johnny and his wife Jody develop the Institute for Dialectic Spiritualism, which teaches their disciples to reach out and touch each other in their private essentials. The money pours in as they crisscross the country spreading the word. When his fame as a guru grows, he callously disregards his wife and family in pursuit of his own pleasure and deification, flirting with multiple rebirths. He cannot accept the reality that he may be a charlatan until he discovers his inner self -- a one-foot tall albino with pink eyes by the name of Inney.

To join, I'll need your:

1. Name

2. Email

In the comments section of this post.

That's it.

Good luck, dear readers!

The winner will be announced next week, January 12, 2011 (which is coincidentally my bother's birthday.)


  1. Thanks for hosting - please enter me!

    Beverly @ The Wormhole

  2. Now idea whether this one's internatioanl, but the book sounds so great, I thought I'd give it a try!

    danaan at gmx dot at

  3. Oh this looks like a great book. I'd love to read it

    Kristen H

  4. Sounds interesting. If this is international giveaway, count me in.



  5. I'd like to enter!

    aikychien at yahoo dot com

  6. Sounds like a great book.I like the cover because it's so eye catching,make us curious.
    Please send my birthday wishes to your brother when it falls on the date.

    Thank you!


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