Superstitions Connected with Adder Stones

An adder stone is a perforated or glass-like stone, naturally occurring, that is traditionally believed to have magical powers. Adder stones were venerated by the Druids and are still thought to be particularly efficacious against diseases of the eye and as charms guaranteeing protection against evil. Such small stones, of various colors, have been credited with curing children of whooping cough (particularly in Scotland), with preventing nightmares, with ensuring success in legal cases and with assisting in recovery from adder bites. Superstition has it that such stones, otherwise known as "serpent's egg" or "snake eggs," are created from the hardened saliva of adders massing together at certain times of the year. According to popular belief, adder stones can be tested by throwing them into a flowing stream -- only those that float are the genuine article. The perforations are said to be caused by the tongues of snakes before the stones solidified.


  1. Thanks for sharing that! I had never heard of them before and they are so interesting...lots of potential for stories there!

  2. I have lots of those. It was only when someone called the one I was wearing an adder stone, so I became curious. Thanks!


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