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It's Blogger Interview Friday once again, dear readers. Celebrate! Not only because you get to discover another amazing blogger, but also because it's a freakin' Friday! Oh, the weekend smells so sweet.

For today, I didn't have to go far to find my featured Blog and Blogger. He practically lives in my backyard. Okay, I'm using hyperbole to inject humor. He basically lives north of me. Way, way north. But hey, same country, so that's close enough for me. Based on this interview, I'm thinking of featuring more homegrown talent. So, Marrion, if you know any awesome Filipino bloggers, let me know.

Let's kick this feature into high gear with a little about the Blog in question. Marrion, take it away:

I've been reading books since I was in High School but I have no such interest whatsoever before. But then a close friend has the same enthusiasm as I do. Especially when you have something to share about the book that you've read. Which is kind of exciting. I was hooked up, not knowing that I am starting to get with it. Knowing that I am not the only one who has this kind of passion in reading.

Palm Books Journal is a new blog that shares my own review to a specific given book. Back then, I made my own blog for movie review but it didn't turn out good. Instead, making a blog that involves books will be more different. In addition for the main purpose of this blog, it also includes recommendations, latest books and other stuff involving books.

I think I've found myself a kindred spirit in you, Marrion. I only really started taking an interest in reading in High School, too. So, I want to know more, and I'm sure our dear readers do to. Tell us about yourself...

The name is Marrion, a 21 years old book lover lived in Philippines. I'm friendly, approachable, spontaneous and long tempered. I am a vampire, which means I prefer to stay inside the house and doing mostly I preferred to help me relax -- Reading and watching movies.

Aside from books, I love to draw and sketch, long walks at night, eating a lot and doing the best at me -- writing. I am currently writing my own novel and hoping someday (fingers-cross) I would be able to publish it. I am also a fan of handicrafts, where I work myself to make a small sculptures and figurines.

Today, I am starting to collect books, especially when you've just open it. Good gracious! I love the sweet smell of the books pages. I'm guessing it won't be my last to love books! ^^

Beware the growing book collection, Marrion. Shelves are difficult to come by. Let's begin the interview proper, shall we?

I always like to start by asking the question: How long have you been blogging?

I've just started this month (January).

We have a brand spanking new blog, folks. It still has the new car smell. If you just started, why did you decide to blog?

There are two reasons: (1) I love the books I read, so I thought about sharing what would be my opinion to others who had the same interest as I do. (2) A friend suggested to use blogging for my passion, she too have a Book Blog. This result on making my very own Book Blog, but it is in the verge of progress.

I once had a friend who was a serial blogger. He'd start one blog, leave it, then start another. It was an addiction. Anyway, he was the one who got me into blogging. You have to introduce me to this friend of yours, Marrion. Maybe we can feature her. We all blog about books, that's why we met at Book Blogs Ning, but what books do you blog about and why?

The most famous genres of all times, YA (Young Adults). Anything, from fantasy adventure, paranormal romance, realistic fiction et cetera. It's obviously I am not a young adult anymore but I doesn't stop me for liking it. I've been there, as a teenager, I can relate to it every time. And it was fun to read as well. But I do have some interest on Middle Grade and few of Adult novels.

There's really something about YA that makes the genre so pleasing to read. What's your review style like?

The most used way of making a book review. The details will be included with the cover of the book. The summary will be attached as well via Goodreads information. The next will be my own honest review about it. Well, my opinion will be the highlights of the review, after all that was its main purpose. I only make my review in honesty and professionalism, either I do love the book or not. I want it to make it more interesting and worth time reading.

Sharing what we think about books is at the core of the Book Blogging community, I would think. So it's always nice to know you're injecting your reviews with your own thoughts. With that in mind, what advice can you give other bloggers about blogging?

Blogging is a fun and exciting hobby, and at the same it is hard work. Everything is started as small, but if you have the guts to pursue what you really wanted, it will give a great price for you. But don't go very easy when you have reached success, you must continue striving to make it more better. In time, downfall will put you through the test, but it will sends a message for you, your the only one will know what will it be. Still, you needed to keep in mind that, writing is so much fun to do, same as reading your favorite book!

What an inspiring sentiment, Marrion--one that you share with many of the Bloggers I've featured in this series. And this wouldn't be a feature if I didn't ask the ultimate question: If you can describe your blog in one word, what would it be and why?

Adventurous. It is a freedom of speech but with a mix of a sense of adventure.

One can never have too much adventure in life...oh wait, have you seen 127 Hours? Not yet? So, before we go and watch that movie, let's wrap up this feature with a neat, little bow. What can readers look forward to from your blog in the future?

There are rainfall of ideas I have in mind. Though I needed it one pace at a time. For now, I am focusing to improve my blog. Of course, someday, I'll have my own giveaways, author interviews and when I have enough followers, I'll be making my own reading challenges.

Keep the ideas coming, Marrion. I look forward to reading more of your blog in the future. And from the readers of Reads, Reviews, Recommends and myself, thank you so much for taking the time out of your day to answer some of my burning questions. Oh, and you have to tell me where you bought your copy of Delirium. I really want to read that book.

Dear readers, below is Marrion's blog button. One click and you'll find yourself pleasantly transported to Palm Book Journal.

Watch out for next week's feature. We'll be shaking things up a bit.


  1. Great feature - I do so love a good feature! Good to meet you Marrion! Welcome to blogging. I'm gonna head on over to take a peek at your blog.

    Before I forget, my Weekend Creation Blog Hop is on right now for the weekend if you'd like to link up your reviews/blogs - meet other creative bloggers? at Shah /X

  2. Thanks for stopping by, Shah! I'm glad you liked the feature. :-)

  3. Thanks a lot to Ms. Kate for featuring me in her blog. Thank you too Ms. Shah for the warm welcome! ^^

    By the way Ms. Kate, I just bought Delirium at our local store here in the Philippines (National Bookstore to be specific). I also emailed you who is this close friend of mine, so you can feature her as well! Thanks a bunch! :]

  4. Ha! Found you! OK, grabbing your button...


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