Erich’s Plea Giveaway!

Welcome, one and all! It's Thursday and here at Reads, Reviews, Recommends, we call that GIVEAWAY DAY!

Yesterday, I had the pleasure of interviewing Tracey Alley, the author of Erich's Plea, which is the first book of the Witchcraft Wars.

And, for the first time in Reads, Reviews, Recommends history, through the generosity of Tracey, I'm able to giveaway 5, count that FIVE, paperback copies of Erich's Plea to five lucky readers of Reads, Reviews, Recommends.

Here's what you need to know about this fantastic novel:

A thousand years ago the Great War tore through the land of Kaynos, shattering the mighty Empires and leaving the scattered Kingdoms in its wake. Now after centuries of peace the ambitions of a dark elven sorceress armed with a new, deadly form of magic called witchcraft threaten to plunge Kaynos into a war more devastating than anything seen before.

Meanwhile, falsely imprisoned in Ostland’s infamous Zeaburg prison the young druid Slade, heir to the throne of Vestland, is haunted by a strange, recurring dream in which his father, High King Erich pleads for his help. Although the dream defies all known laws of magic or logic Slade is nonetheless convinced of the dreams truth and determines to somehow achieve the impossible and escape the torture chambers of Zeaburg to save his beloved father.

Standing beside Slade in his bid for freedom are fellow prisoners, the bizarre, nightmarish half ogre, half troll Trunk, royal bodyguard Wulfstan, the amnesiac wizard Roulibard, and Nikolai the necromancer of Bhaal. They are soon joined by Tares, minotaur priest of Ilmater, Lara the halfling former assassin, and Darzan the beautiful, predatory pirate who have broken into the prison on a quest of their own.

Struggling to follow the dream’s cryptic clues Slade soon realises that in order to save King Erich he must somehow discover the true motivations of the witch Shallendara and stop her before she plunges The Kingdoms into a hellish war of conquest. A task that may prove even more impossible than escaping the subterranean prison given that his companions neither like nor trust each other and there’s a spy in their midst.

The boundaries of good and evil are blurred as traditional enemies work side by side to combat the greatest threat The Kingdoms have ever seen. Will the power of an unimaginable alliance, an unlikely friendship and a forbidden love be enough to save a world?

To enter the contest, all you have to give me in the comments section is:

1. Your Name

2. Your Email

That's it. Always keeping it simple.

So, enter now! You might be the next winner chosen by Noey from Chasing Kites.

The contest will run until February 23, 2011.

To find out more about Tracey, read her interview here.


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