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I've been kidnapped, dear readers! And made to watch the awesomeness that is I Am Number Four the movie again. I assure you, no one was harmed in the kidnapping of Kate Evangelista. Now, my kidnappers have tired of my glorious company, hence my return. So, let's get this giveaway started. I'm sure you're all eager to try and win a copy of Get Lenin.

A couple of posts ago, we had the pleasure of Robert Craven's company (author of Get Lenin) during our weekly Author Interview Series. If you haven't read that mojito-induced interview yet, now is your chance by clicking here.

I hear the screams of "Get on with it!" So, I'll oblige. Here's what you need to know about Get Lenin:

In 1933 Eva Molenaar, a young Polish student of drama gets caught up tragically in the orgy of book burning on the campus of Berlin University. Her lover is killed in a random act of brutality at the hands of the Nazi's and she suffers the ordeal of trying to transport her dead lover back to Poland.

His family reject her, blaming her for their family’s misfortune and she becomes depessed and listless. She escapes to the safety of her Grandparents, retired lecturer Henk Molenaar and his wife Aga. He arranges for her to take a position with the library in the university he once taught at.

There she meets a young art student Theo Kassinski and agrees to model for him and begins a relationship with him. Her beauty attracts many admirers and being able to speak several languages joins Theo and his friend Daruisz as they decamp to Paris in the 1930’s. Dariusz becomes involved in the International Brigades in the Spanish Civil war and on his return after being wounded agrees to build a spy network as Europe slides into the morass of Facism. On assignment, Eva meets her lover and eventual handler Peter De Witte and his close friend in British intelligence, Henry Chainbridge. Whilst tracing a gold bullion route out of Facist Spain, she agrees to work with Chainbridge.

1938 Munich. Eva uncovers a plan that in the event of the fall of the Soviet Union to Nazi Germany, Lenin is to be moved to a secret location in the Urals. She passes this on to British Intelligence that the pact struck with Hitler and Stalin, thinking it maybe a ruse.

1939, Hitler's 50th birthday, the 'Eagles Nest' is given to him as a gift from the Nazi Party, Albert Speer unveils his 'Museum of the Vanquished' in his New Berlin's design. Pride of place Lenin's sarcophagus. Goebbels and Himmler devise a plan to give the captured talisman of the USSR pride of
place. They arrange a Hollywood film maker and empessario, Donald T Kincaid fund and execute the plan as a blow against Russia and Bolshevism. Chainbridge instructs Eva to befriend the magnate and find out the details of the mission. Poland is invaded and Eva rushes back into the country to try to save her family, leading her back to her home and then forced to flee in the face of the advancing German Army.

The wheel of history turns and Germany unleashes Operation Barbarossa in 1941, taking the German army to the outskirts of Moscow. The Nazi high command dispatch Captain Nicklaus Brandt and his team of crack Alpine Korps to intercept the Lenin transport. Eva Molenaar and British intelligence set out to stop this as it would crush Russia's morale. Brandt is successful in snatching Lenin but stung by the Waffen SS led by Captain Thor Schenker and left to die in the middle of Russia.

Before this he and Eva meet for the first time and Eva for once has to choose between the dashing enemy Captain or her long time lover and handler Peter De Witte.

The climax takes place in the Gulf of Finland where Kincaid transfers the sarcophagus onto a U-Boat which will sail on to Norway & make Lenin a propaganda coup for the Nazi High Command.

It's a race against time....

Want a copy now? know the drill.

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The giveaway will run until March 2, 2011. Then, one winner will be chosen.

Good luck, dear readers!

And if you are kidnapped, may it be the pleasant kind, with laughter, a great lunch, and an awesome movie.


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  5. Would love to win if it is international.

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  6. Le Gasp, I love books set in this time period.


  7. That sounds like a fabulous book.


  8. I would like to read this book, Im big in Russia and love to learn new things about the Country.



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