The Hawk And His Boy Giveaway Winners!

Another giveaway has come to a close, dear readers! But, not to worry, there's another one coming up in the next post.

Right now, this post is dedicated to announcing the winners for The Hawk and His Boy Giveaway from the very gracious C.H. Bunn.

The Hawk And His Boy is the first book of the Tormay trilogy. It begins with a young thief named Jute. There's nothing particularly special about him, other than a knack for being quiet and having quick hands. One night, his master in the Thieves Guild instructs him to break into a wizard's house and steal an old wooden box. They have a client for the job who is eager to pay a great deal of gold for the box. It should've been an easy job. Climb down the chimney, find the box, and get out fast. His master tells him, on pain of death, do not open the box. Of course, being a boy, Jute opens the box and sets off a chain of events that soon has him on the run from the wizard, the entire Thieves Guild, and their client, who happens to be the Lord of Darkness himself. On his odyssey of escape, Jute is aided by an odd assortment of friends, including a guilt-ridden assassin, an overly-talkative ghost, and a hawk who just might be able to teach him how to fly. But the Darkness will do anything to find Jute, even if it means plunging the whole land of Tormay into war.

As per usual, the winners were picked by my dear friend, Noey from Chasing Kites. Visit her site once you're done here.

And so, without further ado, the winners of The Hawk and His Boy are:

Donna (BLHmistress)



Krizia Lazaro (bookish)


Congratulations to you both!

Expect an email from me and from Christopher soon.

And for those who have entered, thank you! Earn another chance to win by entering the Bella Giveaway!


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