Red Velvet Cupcake

I love sweets. And when I saw this red velvet cupcake from House of Silvanas Bakeshop, I thought I'd try one. I came home with four more. Not that I plan to eat them all in one sitting. They're hard to come by. But I'm having one today. What's your pastry of choice? 



  1. Oh yum! Red velvet is my choice of cupcake too :D That one looks particularly tasty!

  2. It was a total treat, Jess. :-) Had to stop myself from eating the rest.

  3. That looks yummy ;) I'm a brownie type of girl. I LOVE blondies the best. Great blog. I'm following.

  4. There is this man we call Granny who has a donut shop not far from our house. If and when we can time him taking out the hot, glazed donuts from his oven, there is no compare. Otherwise, I love cupcakes - dark chocolate - if you please.

  5. good looking cake, but i'm more of a chocolate brownie sort of person. :D


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