The Submission

Come closer, dear readers, I have some news to share with you. A little closer. Come now, you can do better than that. Come closer!

Hit the screen yet?

"Kate!" you might scream at me.

Just having a little fun. I can't contain myself, which is ironic since this post is a sparse one. But really, I have something to share.

The Date: February 10, 2011.

The Day: Thursday.

The Time: A.M. (too early for brain to pump on all cylinders)

The Activity: Email reading.

The Initial Emotion: Umnmmmmh

The Succeeding Emotion: Squeeee

"What happened?" some of you might ask.

Those who know me might slap me on the side of the head and say, "Get on with it!"

I received an email from my too-fantastic-for-mere-mortal-words agent, Edward Necarsulmer, giving me the news.

Dear readers, Taste is in the process of submission to editors...looking for a home. Click here to read chapter 1.

The wait has begun.

Keep me company?

Keep me sane?

Hugs. Lots of it.

As you can see, Kate has stepped out of the room for a second. Articulation has left her capabilities as a writer. Basically, her brain has gone fishing for the foreseeable future. Help bring her back.


  1. Happy Dance!!! YAY. I'm so excited for you. Keep us posted with the fantastic news that is sure to come your way. You are a wonderful writer, and I LOVE TASTE. I can't wait to walk into the bookstore, pick up (and probably smell) the book, take it to the clerk, and say, "Recommend this book to everyone you know. My friend wrote this!!"

  2. Thank you! Thank you! Lots of hugs around.

  3. Soooo cool. I bet you're bouncing off the walls. It's the greatest feeling. Thanks for the welcome too. It's cool that I found this. I hope you have great success. I'd love you to review my book Quicksilver, check it out online or on facebook. Hugs

  4. Awesome! That is a really thrilling experience! :) I'm happy for you, Kate! I hope your book finds a publisher soon!

  5. Joy, I never really attempted to mix a shot of Red Bull with Espresso before, but what I'm feeling is something close to consuming a combination of those two things.

  6. Thanks, Precious! It's a whole different story now. Let's continue sending out positive thoughts toward Taste finding a home.

  7. OMG!!!! I'm so excited for you. I aspire and you inspire. Keep us updated. Belle

  8. WOW, congrats that is so cool. I want to read more. I am already hooked.
    The whole 'i want to taste you flesh' is very eerie, but as i say, i want to know more. :D
    Lets hope Taste finds a home soon.

  9. Congratulations!!! Here's hoping for more good news very soon :)


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