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  1. Hey Kate! I enjoyed your review of "Little Red Riding Hood". It was refreshing to see a video post. I have to say I saw the movie a couple weeks ago. I didn't think it was bad, but I did think it could have been a little darker. I thought it was more for kids or young adults. I do think Amanda S. did a good job in her role as Red Riding Hood. I am looking forward to "Something Borrowed" coming out May 6th. I am a big Emily Giffin fan so hopefully we can compare reviews soon!

    March 20, 2011 4:59 PM

  2. @ES = Oh, I have to find out more about this "Something Borrowed." It sounds interesting.

  3. Hey, Kate! I see that someone's caught the vlogging bug (which I think is just awesome!) :D I think you have a great attitude about movies and books. I must confess that I'm less zen about it and sometimes find myself wanting to strangle the screenwriter and director when they mess up the film adaptation of a beloved novel. I must try your advice. *assumes lotus position. Ohmmmm...* :D

  4. @Sam = I'm trying to work on my confidence, hence the vlogging. And being "zen" isn't as easy as it sounds. You should have seen the kind of vitriol I spewed out when Lightning Thief came out. A less than beautiful side of me. :-P

  5. Kate I think the video blog interaction is great! It's very different. I've never seen it done before but I like it, it's very personalized and it is nice to see a face with the name.

    On the subject of books moving to the silver screen I have 3 viewpoints on the matter.

    1 - I believe that the book is always better. Let's face it, no one can capture the essence of the story and characters as well as the writer.

    2 - I still like the movies because they are a tribute to the book/author even if they are not complete or have been slightly altered.

    3 - They encourage people to read. I teach high school and I know many of my students read the Twilight books after they saw the movie.

    That's my two sense.

    Great discussion,

  6. @Amy = I'm so glad that you enjoyed the vlog. I'm actually switching to that medium more and more now. I find it more interactive as well. And all your points are very valid and much appreciated. You're right. Nothing beats reading the book, ultimately. :-)

  7. Most of the time, books are better than movies. In fact 99 percent of the time. But just noticed the reverse: the wonderful movie "Blow" about a cocaine dealer, played brilliantly by Johnny Depp. I tried to read the book by Bruce Porter, a former professor of mine at Columbia Journalism School, but couldn't get very far. The book was laden with needless detail, written the way we were taught at the "J" school, a style I no longer admire. Now that I've switched to fiction, I find that less is often more.

  8. @Pam = I need to try and watch that movie. I never say no to Johnny Depp. :-)

  9. Usually the book is better than the movie, in my opinion. I like to see the movie first then watch the movie, otherwise I'm disappointed.

  10. @Beverly = That's true. Sometimes watching the movie first then reading the book is a good way to go.

  11. Thanks Kate for the vlog. I appreciate reading Amy Jones's and Pamela's thoughts. As book lovers, we are usually inclined to like the book or think it's better than the movie. Both have their pros and cons. Me - I have to have both :)

  12. @Hazel = I need both too. Like I've said, there's something about reading the book and then watching the movie. Both represent different types of entertainment. :-)


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