Dreaming of Ireland

My first glimpse of Ireland was through the pages of Nora Roberts' The Irish Trilogy. I wanted to rent a cottage in the picturesque village of Ardmore for a month. Then I watched PS I Love You. I wanted to be among the greenery. I wanted to walk the cobbled roads. I wanted to get lost in the parks. I suddenly wanted to be in Ireland. I dream of it. And one day, hopefully soon, I'd get my chance. Has there ever been a place that calls out to you?


  1. Scotland. It is in my bones. Before I ever set foot in Edinburgh I was entranced. Now I've been twice and in between trips I was talking to my mother and she very calmly said, "Well, you've Scottish blood." Excuse me? This was news to me and I've been reveling in my mother's family ancestry ever since.

    But I have to admit that Italy does something for me, too. Prolly all that art history I studied in college. ;)

    There are soooooo many places to visit in this world and I've been to the two that thrill me the most. But given the choice of somewhere new or Scotland and/or Italy ... well, I'd have a very difficult choice.


  2. Ireland, most definitely!!! Happy St. Patrick's Day to you!

  3. Ireland has always been huge for me, thanks to my mom (my English dad finally took her to her ancestral homeland for the first time a year ago; I was happy for her, but jealous--LOL!).

    I dream of visiting Istanbul, Turkey. I simply adore Byzantine art...the hero of my first novel is named after a Byzantine emperor from centuries ago.

  4. I went to Ireland five times while I was writing Brigid and each time I fell in love with the place, particularly County Clare and the Burren where Brigid was originally from. Check out my blog for more about Ireland


  5. @Ellen = How lucky! Scotland and Italy are on my list too! But there's something about Ireland. It's my first.

    @Stacy = Is it St. Patty's Day already? I didn't know. My Bad.

    @Danielle = Isn't it amazing how the places we love leak into our writing? Sometimes, we don't even realize it at first. :-)

    @Jill = I'm so envious! Five times. Wow.

  6. So hard to choose! Hmm. Okay. Venice. Or Paris. Or Rome...

  7. There are many places in the world that I am drawn to explore. Ireland is definately one of them. In my teens, I dreamed of Iceland. A few years ago I had the pleasure of visiting and my heart sang with joy. After suffering a family tradegy, I needed a place to heal and found my island home--off the west coast of Canada. No matter where I roam I will always come back to this island. It's my home.

  8. I have always wanted to go to NYC, i love the city life. and also if given a chance I would love to go to London, too. Nice post!

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  9. @Sweater = Oh, Iceland! I heard it's pretty green there too.

    @Laine = I remember the last time I went to NYC. I miss the pizza.

  10. England. After visiting once I wanted to go back. I just have to have another shot of Shakespeare's grave. I'm sure I looked weird to my family and friends when I came back with many photos of myself posing beside graves of authors lol!

    Ireland and Scotland are really beautiful too. Italy and France are also top on my list. Actually any place mentioned in the books I read and are reading, so that said - Austria (Sound of Music) and Canada (Anne Shirley of Green Gables). Dream dream dream :)


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