My business is to create!

One thing that watching P.S. I Love You has taught me is to figure out that something.

Maybe I should backtrack a little bit.

P.S. I Love You is a book by Cecelia Ahern, published in 2004. It was turned into a movie a few years later. I haven’t read the book, but the movie has touched me in so many ways. It’s a love story. It’s about finding one’s self. And it’s about finding creativity within yourself.

In the movie, Holly’s character tries, and fails miserably, to recite a poem by William Blake to Gerry. She keeps forgetting the words. But ultimately, Holly tells Gerry that the poem is about creating something new. And it is when you bring that creation into the world that it becomes a part of you, that you learn a little more about yourself than anybody else.

It doesn’t matter what you do, as long as you find yourself creating.

For me, it’s writing. Everyday, I learn something new about my craft, and I go to bed knowing I have so much more to learn. That realization brings me a measure of peace.

When I’m not writing, my life doesn’t feel right, like something is missing.

It is through writing that I get to create something new every single time I look at a blank page and fill it with words, descriptions, images, characters, worlds. Writing allows me to breathe life into the characters that reside in my head. These characters honor me by sharing their stories. And it is my pleasure to create a way to share those stories with the world. It is this practice, this give and take that keeps me truly alive.

So, I take to heart what Holly says: Figure out that something. Then create it. Bring it out into the world and learn something new about yourself that no one else knows.

Thank you, Holly. For messing up Blake. For the wisdom that comes from fumbling a poem, and yet, still getting to the core of it.

If you’re finding yourself a little lost, watch P.S. I Love You. Or better yet, watch the movie then hunt down the book. I have a feeling it can help you find your way. It certainly helps me each and every time I need to be reminded to keep creating. 


  1. Okay. You cannot post a photo of Gerard Butler and expect me to type a coherent comment right after seeing it. Too busy swooning to think straight right now... ;-)

  2. I'm glad you found your calling in life! I like the movie, Gerard Butler is always good :)

  3. I loved this movie! One of the best ever made.

  4. Being more of a book reader than a movie watcher, I'll go find this book. Writing is my creativity too. Heaven knows I've tried every other thing in the world to be creative and you definitely do not want to eat my cooking or baking or wait for me to make a quilt to keep you warm. Yikes!

  5. @Sam = I know what you mean. He's just do drool worthy. Then add an Irish accent for this movie and I'm so sold.

    @Rhiannon and @Jessica = I never tire of watching the movie over and over.

    @Belle = A friend of mine doesn't like the book much. And I believe the story is a little different.

  6. Hi! Just a quick note to let you know that I gave you a blog award :)

    (p.s. GB inspired my MC!)

  7. I loved the book and the movie and they were both slightly different plots or points in the book that the movie changed which is always the case. But, I think you inspired me with what you wrote than the movie and for that thank you :)

    I'm going to hunt down the movie now to watch again.

  8. @Neri = Believe it or not, it's only after watching the film again yesterday that I noticed the reference to creating something. When I watched it the first couple of times, I only focused on the romance. I'm happy that you found some inspiration. :-)

  9. At the time saw the movie, I was working on a book with a main character inspired by Hilary Swank. In my book, the character was nicknamed based on her similarity to a young Judy Garland, which is something I've seen in Swank. So I was delighted to see her drunkenly belt out a Judy Garland song. It's an adorable movie with 2 sexy men. The bloke she met in Ireland was virility incarnate!

  10. @Donna = I couldn't choose between Gerry and William. So hott, the both of them. If all Irish men are like that, I'm on the next flight there!

  11. Ack! I love G.B. but reading the book is a MUST.

    So happy you felt that meaning behind the plot. Touching, eh?

  12. @Tipsy = Yes, and it couldn't have come at a better time. :-)

  13. I read the book and cried a lot...but it was good.


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