A Call for Submissions

I first met Sherry almost a year ago (can you believe it, girl?) when she placed an ad for a critique partner at Literary Rambles. I answered the ad, and we became critique partners and friends. I count myself lucky to have met Sherry because she has taught me so much about writing and editing and life in general. Now, Sherry has joined the Crescent Moon Press family as an Acquisitions Editor.

This post is dedicated to you getting to know her and possibly submitting your manuscript to her. Let's start with a short interview.

Please state your name, occupation, and cocktail of choice for our readers.

Sherry, Acquisitions Editor for Crescent Moon Press, and I love an apple-tini. Lifting my glass to all of your readers!

If I were to walk into your bedroom (assuming you hadn't called the cops on me first) what would be the first thing I would see and why?

Well, it’s a good thing we’re friends (yes, good that), Kate or I’d actually have to tidy up before you came over. LOL Because you’d be shocked by the stack of books and the huge pile of jeans sitting at the end of my bed. Once you maneuvered past my TBR novels piled on the floor, you’d spot them on the dresser, and shelf, (the others are scattered throughout bookcases in the rest of my house) then step around my Jeans. I’m obsessed with buying jeans. LOL And I have so many that I had to leave some folded favorites out for quick access. Sadly, most of the jeans lining the shelf in my closet don’t fit right now. L Too much time spent sitting on my butt either writing or editing. Hmmm, note to self—work out more.

Coffee or tea? And why?

Coffee. Starbucks—white chocolate mocha—here I come! Actually, I like both. Coffee in the morning (so not a morning person) and occasionally a cup of green tea in the afternoon.

What is the job of an Acquisitions Editor? Why is it so important?

Glad you asked, Kate. (I aim to please) Well, my job is to read submissions and look for stories that I think the publisher might be interested in acquiring. Sometimes, I come across a newer writer that shows promise and has a unique voice, however I feel the manuscript could benefit from more revision. I know a lot of agents and editors don’t do this, but I offer a few suggestions and ask them if they are willing to make the changes, they can resubmit. I also edit manuscripts to get them polished and ready for publication.

According to your Call for Submissions, you're focusing more on Romance. Why?

Because Crescent Moon Press is first and foremost a romance publishing house. The focus of the plot does not have to be romance, but it must be an integral part of the storyline. And to be honest, I usually don’t like to read anything that doesn’t include some romance. Love is the most powerful emotion we possess as people. It makes us human. There is nothing more motivational to us than love. It can cause us to do extraordinary things. It can change our lives. Most of greatest stories throughout history stay with us and touch us in some way because of the devotion and passion that love can bring out in character.

If you could have written any novel already published, what would it be and why?

Sheesh, Kate! Tough question. (Well, I do live to make you sweat.) Hmmm, let me think…I still admire V. C. Andrews. Her stories really struck a chord with me in my teens. I always wanted to be a writer, but after reading her novels, I knew I wanted to be one. It still saddens me that she died so young, but at least she accomplished her dream. And then there was Anne Rice who captivated me with her genius for storytelling. Uh, what was the question? Oh!--yeah, so I would have written “Flowers in the Attic” or “Interview with the Vampire,” which I’ve reread about a dozen times over the years. Not very scholarly or classic picks, but novels that I love and still enjoy today. It is all about voice…

If you could sit down with any writer living or dead, who would it be and what questions would you ask this person?

That’s an easy one! P.C. Cast. I absolutely adore her voice, writing style, quirky characters and witty dialogue. First question would be, ‘how do you create such sexy, alpha leading male characters in your novels?’

Kate, it was a pleasure and an honor to be your guest. Thank you so much for having me.

The pleasure is always all mine, my friend. I'm happy to help.

Now, this is what you need to know if you want to submit your manuscript:

Sherry is currently looking for young adult and adult submissions with strong romantic elements and fast-paced, character driven novels where romance is integral to the storyline. Witty, believable dialogue and character interaction are crucial to making the romance and conflict intriguing.

Members of RWA and YALITCHAT will get high priority.

Full-length fiction, 75,000 to 100,000 words

Genres she'd like to see:

All submissions must have strong romantic elements: paranormal, urban fantasy, young adult, tween, and even horror or Gothic tales as long as it has romance. The darker and the more romantic--the better!

No sci-fi, children, middle grade, or non-fiction books.

Please address query letters to:

In the subject line, please include the word query, book title, and genre. In the body of your email, paste your query and the first 10 pages of your MS. Your query SHOULD look like a professional letter.

Please visit her Submissions Page for guidelines and additional information on submitting.

If you have any questions for Sherry about submissions, writing, or her being an editor, please add them in the comments section. She'll be happy to answer them for you.

Have a great weekend everyone!


  1. So with you on the early VC Andrews! What a neat post. Very interesting to hear things from...[cue dum dum dum music]...the Other Side :)

  2. Awesome interview Kate!!
    Will have to check out Sherry and Cresenct Moon Press! Sounds right up my alley! Thanks Ladies!


    P.S White Chocolate Mocha! Sherry I so get this!

  3. Fantastic interview. So glad you two found each other, and I hope you get some great submissions, Sherry!

  4. Sherry, I adored Anne Rice's vampire chronicles. I was madly in love with Lestat of course, even though he was rather self-centered and somewhat evil. LOL. I also read Flowers in the Attic and found it a haunting and bittersweet story. I write romance, rather quirky and fast-paced ones (a la Bridget Jones, you might say), but my novels run to around 60K words. I'm self-published. So I guess my romances don't meet your requirements for submission.

    Kate, great interview!

    Regards, Sylvia Massara - Novelist

  5. Like Kate said, I aim to please! :-)

  6. @Everyone = Thank you for the awesomeness that is you. Spread the word!

  7. Fantastic interview! ^_^ And I definitely agree. I usually look for some romantic element in everything I read. Love certainly is the most powerful emotion. Maybe when I'm finished with my manuscript I'll try a query! lol Who knows. But nice interview.

  8. Sylvia, I will look at shorter submissions. I'd love to see some paranormal, urban fantasy, young adult, tween, and even horror tales as long as it has romance. The darker and the more romantic--the better!

    Oh! And anything deliciously Gothic with a feisty heroine.

    A great way to start building up a readership if you're waiting for a book to be published is to have a shorter eBook or print novella available NOW for you readers. This means you, too, Kate, if you have something to submit while you're waiting to find the perfect home for your masterpiece. :-)

    Please visit my blog for more details.

  9. Kate..thank you for sharing the interview..very good job by the way, kudos girl!!!..I wish I could write about the subjects she requests, however each of us has our passion and mine happens to be "weeding" out the garden of life through the way "Flowers in the attic" was one of my favorites' also..
    Great interview..and thanks for inviting me..
    weed by choice..kjforce, author

  10. Great interview! It is always nice to hear the point of view from the other side of the book shelf, so to speak. I enjoyed the post.


  11. Kate thanks for the invite..great interview.What a wonderful opportunity Sherry offers to a young romance writer..Kudos on the interview also..
    Best of luck with submissions..kjforce

  12. @Everyone = I'm so happy that you're all enjoying the interview! Warms my heart. Seriously. Thank you for giving me a great weekend!

  13. I'm glad Kate's readers liked the interview.

    I invite you all to stop by my site for my submission guidelines:

    and other helpful publishing tips!

  14. I'm not sure why "Flowers in the Attic" and the late V.C. Andrews's books made such a strong impression on me. I think at the time those books were written, they broke literary boundaries. I loved that flowery, purple prose! LOL

    I tried to read the new author, but it was never the same for me. But I’ve always loved to read YA books. I think they’re just as good as adult narratives. Right now I’m reading Rachel Vincent and I’m hooked! Wow, she is an amazing writer. I’d love to acquire something that.

    So, if anyone has anything VCA-like, or zombies, or werewolves, or vampires, or witches, or anything supernatural with a romantic sub-plot, please submit!

    What I don’t wanna see is first drafts. Find at least one competent crit partner, two beta readers (NOT friends or family) and LISTEN to your MS read aloud. Then you’re ready to start submitting to agents and editors. Don’t spoil your chances by submitting before you tighten and polish your work.

    Best of luck to you all!

  15. Great interview, Sherry! It's wonderful to hear that you and Kate are CPs!

  16. HI, Sherry! It's nice to get to know you better!! Great interview.

  17. Saw your post on Book Blogs and thought I'd check out your site. Love your writing style. Your questions make me smile. Very creative. You've got yourself a new follower. Consider checking out my new blog at

  18. Sherry,

    Excellent interview and even better writing advice! I have a crit partner, and she's fabulous (amazing friend, too). Beta readers are a great source of feedback, and I always read my manuscript out loud when I can't decide if a scene is working. Helps highlight stiff dialogue and rough transitions. And I so submitted a manuscript WAY too early a few years ago. Rejection is painful, but is ten times worse if the manuscript isn't ready. Wish I'd read your interview five years ago! =D

  19. Awesome interview! It's great to learn more about Sherry. Nice interview questions, Kate :-)

  20. Yeah, Berinn, we found each other and I felt like I'd found my writing soul mate. :-) We just clicked. We had the same goals, the same writing styles, and the same twisted sense of humor. I consider her my writing BFF.

    When I first read her excerpt posted on her blog, I knew instantly that I wanted to be crit partners. It's hard to find someone you can work with. I know I get on her nerves because I'm nit-picky and I always point out overused words. LOL

    But she forgives me. So, now I only focus on sentence structure and when she's "telling" instead of showing in my crits, and she helps me polish up my wordy prose and points out my grammar boo-boos. :-)

    I admit, I was jealous but thrilled for her when she found an agent. In my heart, I always knew she would succeed...

  21. @Sherry = I totally feel the same way. Writing BFFs. You taught me things I didn't know I needed, and you brought out sides of myself that I didn't know I had. I wouldn't be where I am today without you, and the journey is just beginning. I have so much to share with you. :-)

  22. Sherry,
    Oh now I just have Critique Partner envy. I'm still looking for my one true CP. Great interview.

  23. I know I'm late,but this was a great interview....I do like to read some books with a bit of romance in it,But my manuscript is a bit far from what you're asking for.Mines deal with fiction,and in the adult generation of sexual abuse,and revenge.It's in a urban setting but not urban fantasy.Again Lovely interview I look to reading more from your blog.

  24. Hi Jean! How are you?

    Yeah, it is hard to find a CP you mesh with. But my problem is that I find one, and then they either find an agent or get a book deal and dump me. LOL

    Just this week an author (with an agent) that I exchange with monthly just got a 3-book deal with Harlequin Nocturne!

    Now, I've lost another CP! :-)

  25. Sherry I really, I mean really like your blog... Very interesting information on it. If you don't mind I would love for you to check out my blog, or past it to Urban Fiction readers @ , Thank you


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