Crazy Friends


  1. I want to say that I love your commentaries. You have made me smile more than once. And I haven't stopped thinking about the "third person" one from last week.

    Okay, as for this subject. First let me say that I was very interested to know that you have a mall, movie theater, the Gap, in the Philippines. Not that I think it would be primitive there, but I just like to know how other people live. As for the "stalking" I was laughing so hard thinking of you being dragged along by your friend. She has the nerve, but it sounds like you both had a blast.

    I did sort of stalk a guy once. He and I were sort of talking so I waited outside of his work for him to get off, but he never came out the door I was waiting at. That is as much of a "stalker" as I have been. It took me a long time to tell him that I had waited for him. It may have even been after we got married. :)

    Thank you for sharing your world with us.

  2. @TM = That's the kind of story I love! You two got married? Aww! And we do get by here in the tropics. You should consider visiting some time. Totally worth it. :-)

  3. Kate the stalker..Nah, just kidding..I think that there are only a few of us that have really done the crazies. I surprised you didn't just approach him and ask what he was reading!!!What if it was one of your novels? would that not be kismet?anyway thanks for sharing,it shows you are the way I've been to the tropics,they're beautiful..kjforce

  4. @KJ = Summer has finally arrived at the tropics, but rain still threatens on the horizon. :-)

  5. Hey, you're never too young or too old too stalk cute guys ;-)


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