Third Person POV


  1. I've written in both first person and third person, and for me, it just depends on the individual story.

    My first novel, Hidden Threat, is written in third person. There is a lot of action and things needed to be told from multiple points of view. I needed to be able to jump perspectives easily in order to tell the story that I wanted to tell.

    My second novel, Slave, however, and the begining of a series I'm writing, is told in the first person. The story is told through two points of view, Stephan and Brianna, which in most cases would make a writer choose the third person. I didn't in this case because, as you mentioned, I needed my readers to be able to get into the two characters heads. The story is very emotional and personal to both of the main characters, and that, I felt, could only truely be expessed in the correct way by letting them each tell their side of what was going on in the story.

    I've read both first person and third person. I really have no preference over the two. When I read, as well as when I write, I want a good story to sink my teeth into.

    Sherri Hayes

  2. @Sherri = I agree with you a hundred percent about a good story to sink out teeth into. It's really what the story calls for, right? When it comes to narrative style, I mean. As you mentioned, it depends, whether you want to get into the character's head or if there's many things that need to come to light in the story.

    Thank you so much for sharing your writing experience with me. :-)

  3. Great video and information. You're a natural:)

    I've written in both. I prefer 3rd person when writing from multiple POV's, which I love to do. First person feels more personal, and I get to really delve into the characters--figure out their likes and dislikes.

    For me, I tend to let the story dictate what perspective it's written in. When I wrote Hound of Annwyn, I wrote the first 150 pages in 1st person from my female protagonists perspective, then decided I wanted to show my characters twin brother's POV, so I rewrote it in 3rd, with alternating chapters character viewpoints.

    This allowed me to explore out both characters motivations because the reader was able to see them not only as they saw themselves, but also how other people perceived them.

    Thanks for another great post,
    Angie Sandro

  4. You have really given me something to ponder. I find it more difficult to write in 3rd person for some reason, and I think that is because I feel more comfortable in the shoes of a character. My novel, Wings of Fate, is written in 1st person and for me it seems to be easier to write. That being said, I am hoping to take the challenge of writing to the next level for myself someday soon and write a novel in 3rd, just so I can say I've done it. You're video was wonderful. Thanks for sharing.

  5. @Angie = It's always really about what the story needs, right? We both hop between the first and third POV train. Wait, have I critiqued anything of yours in the third person? Oh, wait, I think I have.

    @TM = I'm glad you enjoyed the video as much as I enjoyed making it. When it comes to writing, I've learned to push boundaries and to continue honing the craft. I love the attitude of wanting to try writing in the third person. Just that alone is a great first step. :-)

  6. First of all ... I LOVE your accent (beautiful voice). Great presentation. You're a wonderful public speaker. I was fascinated by you. I like the way you described the advantages of writing in third person as opposed to first.

    When I read first person I feel like I'm reading someone's diary (getting inside someone's head) and it feels like a more intimate connection. When I read third person, I feel like I'm a non-emotional video camera just watching someone like I'm a peeping Tom or silent observer.

  7. @Vamchoir = You've just made my day! I'm s glad that you enjoyed the video. You're right about the first person POV being more intimate since it's all in the "I" perspective. We step into the character's head. In the third person POV it's more like we're observers in the lives of the characters, which can hold a lot of versatility for an author to work with.

  8. Kate, so far I've gotten to watch your movie on the Third Person POV. I think it's very informative, it's let me know that maybe I did get it right when I wrote my novel in third person. I chose to write it in third person, because the flow of words came easier for me than First Person POV. I will definitely be visiting The Coffe Bar often and trying to find time to read the Story of the week. I began to read this week's story it have such a
    smooth flow of show not tell.

  9. @Debra = Thank you so much for stopping by. And I'm so glad that you thought the video was informative. Many of the novels I'm working on now are in the third person POV because, you're right, the story does flow out better for that particular creative endeavor. :-)


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