Blogger Interview: Ramblings of a Random Girl

The Blogger Interviews are back! And boy do I have one for you to explore. I'd like to introduce Ramblings of a Random Girl to everyone. Despite the name, the blog doesn't ramble or is Chelsea just any random girl. Let's get to know her and the blog better.

About My Blog:

Random Girl started as a way for me to try to work out my emotions. I've always been one for trying to write things down to be able to fix them. But after a few posts I realized it wasn't so much about my emotions, but more so about the books I had been reading and was planning on reading. So I took a few looks around at the first couple of book blogs I could find and it really hit me that that is what Random Girl needed to be. I've already got a few posts down for the beginning of my blog and already have many more planned out. I have posts with reviews as well as a few weekly memes that include In My Mailbox and Waiting on Wednesday. It seems that my ideas for the blog are constantly evolving so I can't wait to see where everything goes, but I do know that I would love to get author interviews as well as some other posts going.

About Me:

I'm Chelsea. I'm 19 years old and currently a College Sophomore. I am scared of getting older, I'll admit it. I wish I could stay a kid forever but I'm pretty prepared for adulthood. I have a double major in Anthropology and Sociology. I'm sure it sounds a little daunting but I plan to go into Forensic Anthropology and be able to work on cases similar to those of Dr. Henry C. Lee. I'm a self proclaimed nerd. My friends always ask me what I'm doing and I don't know why they expect any response other than reading because that's what I usually do with my free time. My parents have decided not to buy any more books for me because they "don't want to fuel my habit".

The Interview:

How long have you been blogging?

I've been blogging for about a week now. (My bad. She's been blogging for months now.)

Why did you decide to blog?

First it started as something completely different, sort of like a diary, but I never posted about anything other than the book I had been reading. So I though on it and decided why not just turn the blog into a book blog, where I can talk about books all I want and have people see what I thought about em!

What books do you blog about and why?

I've decided to blog about Young Adult books because most of the books I tend to read are young adult. There are some that are the romance kind or a few thrillers that aren't, but for the most part they are all You Adult.

What memes can be found on your blog?

So far the memes I have up are In My Mailbox which I post on Tuesdays instead of Sundays and Waiting on Wednesday of course on Wednesday. I've had my eye on a few other but I haven't started any of them yet.

What is your review style like?

So far I have a few book reviews up but they were ones that were just put together for one post. I have a review that will be coming out for a book I just finished and I wrote more than the others. I keep them very truthful because I wouldn't want to recommend a book to my followers that wasn't a good book or what they were looking for. I also like to include the synopsis from Goodreads, a starred rating, and a publication date if the book has yet to be released.

If you can describe your blog in one word, what would it be and why?

The word I'd use to describe my blog would be Exciting. I think this word fits best because being able to blog and see what people have to say about what I post and getting to hear feedback is so exciting I can't even describe it. Also, hopefully, what I'm posting is exciting to my followers, that they get information on books and get to be up to date on what books are coming and what they are about.

What advice can you give other bloggers about blogging?

Advice I would give to other bloggers about blogging would have to be just go for it. Don't worry about someone not liking your review because it's your opinion and many people have different opinions of things, but for that one person there's another that's going to like what you have to say and glad that you post it for them to read.

What kind of promotion techniques do you use to get followers?

So far to get followers I've been trying to be active on other blogs. Reading what other people have to post and commenting on them and just trying to befriend people. I also of course participate in the memes and post them back on the host blogs.

If there was something you’d want your readers to take away from reading your blog, what would it be?

Something I want my readers to take away would be that reading is such an amazing gift. To be able to step into a world that isn't yours and to meet new characters and learn about them and their surroundings is just as fun, if not more, than watching t.v. or a movie.

What can readers look forward to from your blog in the future?

My readers can look forward to many more BIGGER reviews that I have coming of upcoming books. Some time in the future I would love to hold a constest or a giveaway. Also, I'm going to try to get in touch with some authors for inteviews. There are so many things I plan to feature on that blog that I would just have to say keep coming back to see what's new each day.

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For the love of Adele...

With my new WIP begging for more chapters to be written because I was crazy enough to believe it was done, I discovered a love for Adele. I can't stop listening to her songs. She fuels my writing. Her voice echoes in my head. Her lyrics feeds the mythical creative creature I've captured and locked up inside the deepest recesses of my soul.

Here's one of my favorites: Set Fire to the Rain.

What about you?

Is music a part of your process?

If so, what do you listen to?

If not, still tell me, what do you listen to?

You can add a YouTube link to the video, if there's one.

YA Blogger Show and Tell

I opened my email today to a couple of surprises, one was from my agent and the other was from author Amy Jones.

At her blog, Amy has a feature called:

And I'm honored that Reads, Reviews, Recommends was chosen as the blog featured for this week. Here's the link:

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Guest Post: Marketing a Novel by Noel Farrell

I met Noel through an email that he sent me about possibly writing a Guest Post for Reads, Reviews, Recommends. He's blazing his own trail when it comes to marketing his novel, which I'm sure all of us will do at some point in our writing careers. So, I was intrigued, to say the least, and allowed him to hijack my blog for your reading, and hopefully, learning pleasure.

Here's a little something about Noel:

Noel Farrell is a writer and filmmaker living in Ireland. He has recently published his first novel, Booker's World, having decided early into his rejection pile that writers serve their work better by utilising the world of self publishing and building a platform for themselves that wasn't available five years ago. Here Noel writes about the book and how he intends to market it over the Internet in the coming six months.

So, without further interruptions to our regular programming, I present to you:

Marketing a Novel
by Noel Farrell
I'd made submissions before I began writing my novel, but mainly for my screenwriting work. It's frustrating spending many months on a screenplay only to have it rejected or indeed in many cases, not even acknowledged at all. I lost my job in the Summer of 2008, and it was then I decided to write a book. I'd looked into the growing possibilities in the self-publishing world and felt it was the best route open to me at the time.

The novel, a coming of age tale about a man who journals his way through the suicide of his best friend against the backdrop of the Irish recession took 10 months to write. After about a dozen submissions, I received six rejections and one offer from a small press. Having given it some thought, I decided to proceed myself as it meant retaining the rights. Over the next 4 months the novel went under a series of proof and copy-edits and was made ready for the printer.

I wanted to do a print run first to see all the hard work in a physical copy. I sourced a printer in Dublin and agreed a price with him for a short run. I eventually launched the book locally last month and made it available via my blog. The reaction so far has been positive. The fact that the character was born in a recession and the novel tackles themes like suicide and addiction which are both ravaging Ireland at the moment made the book both relevant and current.

I have written a blog under the character name since I began writing Booker's World. I always felt that as a writer who may have to self-publish I needed to interact with my readers. My advice for any new writer going it alone is to write a blog and keep it updated regularly. It's a personal interaction between a writer and their readers. I've made good friends along the way and it's nice to know that the book is now on four different continents now. I think writers like that kind of thing.

I'm holding off on the ebook version until the middle of the Summer. Without a mainstream publisher, digital publishing offers opportunity to writers that print simply can't offer. The market is huge, but competition is fierce. Writers need to find new ways of promoting and marketing.

I wrote a short novella last year and made it available as a free download on-line. It's 12,000 words long and is again a recessionary tale about a man who attempts a career in motivational circles via an on-line guru. I then decided to combine my book and novella by meeting up both books protagonists and created a web series.

Basically we have two guys who's lives have not quite turned out as they would have wished, but who are determined to plot a way forward together while making their own statement on the Ireland of today. A lot of the characters from both books appear in the web series and we shoot in early June. I've managed to attract some top talent to the project. I've built up a blog following and a Facebook following so I'm hoping the series will have a positive impact when it comes to pushing ahead with the ebook. I find readers come back for more because you can involve them. They know all that is happening with the writer and they have something to look forward to, be it through the blog, free downloads and the upcoming web-series which brings a visual element to everything.

It's an exciting time for writers. The ball is slowly coming back into their court. Readers don't want to be constantly plagued by offers to read your work. In my case, the personal interaction with readers is what counts. They come to know you and your work and it's an old cliche, but word of mouth has always been the best form of advertisement. Every writer would like a team around them, whether it be an agent, a publisher of indeed a great editor. That would free us up to do more of what we love, which is writing. Until those things fall into place the writer is responsible for everything. If writers believe in their work through thick and thin, they will get there. How fast? Well that depends on the lengths you are prepared to go. Creating the web series is a bonus for me due to my interest in film-making. It's a new angle, but with digital technology now open to everyone, don't be surprised if it becomes more popular in the years ahead as the Internet continues to impact more on our daily lives.

If you have any questions for Noel, please make sure to ask them in the comments section. He would be happy to answer them for you. Happy interacting!

Author Interview: Dr. Kerwin Swint

Today, I have the pleasure of being a part of The King Whisperers Blog Tour for author Dr. Kerwin Swint. I'd have to admit that I was a little nervous at first because this is the first time I have a professor as a guest. It takes me back to my college days as a highly impressionable Literature Major. But, at the end of the day, I said to my reflection in the mirror, "You can do this!" And so, please welcome to Reads, Reviews, Recommends, Dr. Kerwin Swint. *Feel free to applaud*

Author Bio:

Dr. Kerwin Swint is an author, speaker, and professor of politics at Kennesaw State University in Atlanta. Specializing in Campaigns and Elections and Mass Media, he or his work has appeared in a number of national and international media, including CNN, FOX News, the BBC, the ABC program The View, The Wall Street Journal, The Los Angeles Times, NPR, The Toronto Star, The Daily Mail (UK), National Journal, Mental Floss, Publisher’s Weekly, Salon, Slate, The Chronicle of Higher Education, and numerous other media.

1. Please state your name, occupation, and libation of choice for our readers.

Kerwin Swint, author and professor, a beer (these days I'm partial to Hoegaarden)

2. If I were to look into the glove compartment of your car (assuming you hadn't called the cops on me yet) what would I find and why?

Let's insurance card, the manual to my car, some pens, a Kroger Plus card, an oil change receipt, and I think an old Aerosmith cassette.

3. Tell us, what is the genesis of The King Whisperers?

The idea that figures behind the scenes often push history in certain directions; and that times may change but people don't change.

4. What is the impetus that pushed you to write The King Whisperers?

I've always been interested in political advisers, these evil geniuses who may or may not be acting in the best interests of the people.

5. If there was a published work out in the market today (besides yours) that you wish you could have written, what would it be and why?

"Berlin 1961" is a book that looks like something I would have written, or wished I had written.

6. What do you want your readers to get out of reading The King Whisperers?

It's basically story telling - my main goal is to entertain. It's easy with these characters, because most of them are larger than life, and often, truth really is stranger than fiction.

7. You have many interesting chapters in the book, but which is your favorite one and why?

That's tough to say, but probably the chapter on Spies. It had such great stories to tell, like Francis Walsingham, Queen Elizabeth's Spymaster, and Cardinal Richelieu and his relationship with Father Joseph. And that chapter has the last remaining world figure still in power (until very recently) Omar Suleiman, the Spymaster of modern Egypt.

8. If you could rent a place to write in for a month anywhere around the world, where would it be and why?

I do a lot of writing at my cabin in the mountains, so it would probably be a place with a great mountain view - maybe Switzerland, Bavaria, or northern Italy.

9. What advice would you give aspiring writers about rejection?

Get used to it. Judging writing or ideas is a little like art - it can be very subjective. It helps to develop the attitude that "well, it's their loss."

10. Lastly, at the end of the day, what are you most thankful for and why?

Easy - my wife and three kids.

Thank you so much, Dr. Swint, for answering my questions. And thank you for giving us a look into your life, not only as a writer. A toast to the success of The King Whisperers!

Tour Notes:

Please vote for my blog in the traffic-breaker poll for this tour. The blogger with the most votes wins a free promotional twitterview and a special winner’s badge. I want that to be me! You can vote in the poll by visiting the official King Whisperers blog tour page and scrolling all the way to the bottom.

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