Author Interview: Dr. Kerwin Swint

Today, I have the pleasure of being a part of The King Whisperers Blog Tour for author Dr. Kerwin Swint. I'd have to admit that I was a little nervous at first because this is the first time I have a professor as a guest. It takes me back to my college days as a highly impressionable Literature Major. But, at the end of the day, I said to my reflection in the mirror, "You can do this!" And so, please welcome to Reads, Reviews, Recommends, Dr. Kerwin Swint. *Feel free to applaud*

Author Bio:

Dr. Kerwin Swint is an author, speaker, and professor of politics at Kennesaw State University in Atlanta. Specializing in Campaigns and Elections and Mass Media, he or his work has appeared in a number of national and international media, including CNN, FOX News, the BBC, the ABC program The View, The Wall Street Journal, The Los Angeles Times, NPR, The Toronto Star, The Daily Mail (UK), National Journal, Mental Floss, Publisher’s Weekly, Salon, Slate, The Chronicle of Higher Education, and numerous other media.

1. Please state your name, occupation, and libation of choice for our readers.

Kerwin Swint, author and professor, a beer (these days I'm partial to Hoegaarden)

2. If I were to look into the glove compartment of your car (assuming you hadn't called the cops on me yet) what would I find and why?

Let's insurance card, the manual to my car, some pens, a Kroger Plus card, an oil change receipt, and I think an old Aerosmith cassette.

3. Tell us, what is the genesis of The King Whisperers?

The idea that figures behind the scenes often push history in certain directions; and that times may change but people don't change.

4. What is the impetus that pushed you to write The King Whisperers?

I've always been interested in political advisers, these evil geniuses who may or may not be acting in the best interests of the people.

5. If there was a published work out in the market today (besides yours) that you wish you could have written, what would it be and why?

"Berlin 1961" is a book that looks like something I would have written, or wished I had written.

6. What do you want your readers to get out of reading The King Whisperers?

It's basically story telling - my main goal is to entertain. It's easy with these characters, because most of them are larger than life, and often, truth really is stranger than fiction.

7. You have many interesting chapters in the book, but which is your favorite one and why?

That's tough to say, but probably the chapter on Spies. It had such great stories to tell, like Francis Walsingham, Queen Elizabeth's Spymaster, and Cardinal Richelieu and his relationship with Father Joseph. And that chapter has the last remaining world figure still in power (until very recently) Omar Suleiman, the Spymaster of modern Egypt.

8. If you could rent a place to write in for a month anywhere around the world, where would it be and why?

I do a lot of writing at my cabin in the mountains, so it would probably be a place with a great mountain view - maybe Switzerland, Bavaria, or northern Italy.

9. What advice would you give aspiring writers about rejection?

Get used to it. Judging writing or ideas is a little like art - it can be very subjective. It helps to develop the attitude that "well, it's their loss."

10. Lastly, at the end of the day, what are you most thankful for and why?

Easy - my wife and three kids.

Thank you so much, Dr. Swint, for answering my questions. And thank you for giving us a look into your life, not only as a writer. A toast to the success of The King Whisperers!

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  1. Good review and I will get both books! You have my vote!

  2. I find it interesting in your book trailer you showed lots of powerful men in politics. Some where despots, some truly evil men all of these men were dead, some have been dead for some time. Then you showed Dick Chaney.. last I heard he was still alive. Hummm.. is this a book bashing just Republicans as "evil". Do you have a political bent in this book? If so, you have lost this reader. I will check the reviews. I hope you are not just another political writer with a grudge against one party, thus you will be called a political hack. Maybe your next trailer will show Mr. Obama and who is pulling his strings....

  3. @bridgesburning = Thank you for your vote.

    @Larry = Thank you for stopping by. Please don't forget to vote for Readers, Reviews, Recommends. :-)

  4. @Larry, as the implementer of this tour, I can tell you whole-heartedly that there is not bias toward any political party. In fact, I've been working with Dr. Swint on a number of services (including the tour, the trailers, and his social media presence) for a couple of months, and I have yet to figure out his political affiliation!

    The book chronicles power players from all across the world and across time (yup, modern day dems are there too).


  5. excellent blog Kate, I don't know why I wasn't a follower until now. You and I have so many books in common, you are my new main sista!

  6. @Phyllis = Thank you so much. Sista hug!

  7. @Larry, I'm equally repulsed by both Republicans and Democrats. Dick Cheney is just a very good example of a successful King Whisperer. In a future edition I might include someone from the Obama era, if one surfaces. But I try to be even handed - I'm an equal opportunity cynic. I'd be very interested in your thoughts after reading the book. Thanks very much.

    Kerwin Swint

  8. I loved the questions in this interview. They allow us a look at the lesser known aspects of our author friends. Thanks for this "off the beaten track" interview. Very refreshing!

  9. Hello, Kate.

    You must know you won the traffic-breaker award for the King Whisperers tour - I mean, you blew the other bloggers out of the water! Get in touch with me (you know how) to claim your prize.

    Congratulations on a job amazingly well done :-)



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