Blogger Interview: Ramblings of a Random Girl

The Blogger Interviews are back! And boy do I have one for you to explore. I'd like to introduce Ramblings of a Random Girl to everyone. Despite the name, the blog doesn't ramble or is Chelsea just any random girl. Let's get to know her and the blog better.

About My Blog:

Random Girl started as a way for me to try to work out my emotions. I've always been one for trying to write things down to be able to fix them. But after a few posts I realized it wasn't so much about my emotions, but more so about the books I had been reading and was planning on reading. So I took a few looks around at the first couple of book blogs I could find and it really hit me that that is what Random Girl needed to be. I've already got a few posts down for the beginning of my blog and already have many more planned out. I have posts with reviews as well as a few weekly memes that include In My Mailbox and Waiting on Wednesday. It seems that my ideas for the blog are constantly evolving so I can't wait to see where everything goes, but I do know that I would love to get author interviews as well as some other posts going.

About Me:

I'm Chelsea. I'm 19 years old and currently a College Sophomore. I am scared of getting older, I'll admit it. I wish I could stay a kid forever but I'm pretty prepared for adulthood. I have a double major in Anthropology and Sociology. I'm sure it sounds a little daunting but I plan to go into Forensic Anthropology and be able to work on cases similar to those of Dr. Henry C. Lee. I'm a self proclaimed nerd. My friends always ask me what I'm doing and I don't know why they expect any response other than reading because that's what I usually do with my free time. My parents have decided not to buy any more books for me because they "don't want to fuel my habit".

The Interview:

How long have you been blogging?

I've been blogging for about a week now. (My bad. She's been blogging for months now.)

Why did you decide to blog?

First it started as something completely different, sort of like a diary, but I never posted about anything other than the book I had been reading. So I though on it and decided why not just turn the blog into a book blog, where I can talk about books all I want and have people see what I thought about em!

What books do you blog about and why?

I've decided to blog about Young Adult books because most of the books I tend to read are young adult. There are some that are the romance kind or a few thrillers that aren't, but for the most part they are all You Adult.

What memes can be found on your blog?

So far the memes I have up are In My Mailbox which I post on Tuesdays instead of Sundays and Waiting on Wednesday of course on Wednesday. I've had my eye on a few other but I haven't started any of them yet.

What is your review style like?

So far I have a few book reviews up but they were ones that were just put together for one post. I have a review that will be coming out for a book I just finished and I wrote more than the others. I keep them very truthful because I wouldn't want to recommend a book to my followers that wasn't a good book or what they were looking for. I also like to include the synopsis from Goodreads, a starred rating, and a publication date if the book has yet to be released.

If you can describe your blog in one word, what would it be and why?

The word I'd use to describe my blog would be Exciting. I think this word fits best because being able to blog and see what people have to say about what I post and getting to hear feedback is so exciting I can't even describe it. Also, hopefully, what I'm posting is exciting to my followers, that they get information on books and get to be up to date on what books are coming and what they are about.

What advice can you give other bloggers about blogging?

Advice I would give to other bloggers about blogging would have to be just go for it. Don't worry about someone not liking your review because it's your opinion and many people have different opinions of things, but for that one person there's another that's going to like what you have to say and glad that you post it for them to read.

What kind of promotion techniques do you use to get followers?

So far to get followers I've been trying to be active on other blogs. Reading what other people have to post and commenting on them and just trying to befriend people. I also of course participate in the memes and post them back on the host blogs.

If there was something you’d want your readers to take away from reading your blog, what would it be?

Something I want my readers to take away would be that reading is such an amazing gift. To be able to step into a world that isn't yours and to meet new characters and learn about them and their surroundings is just as fun, if not more, than watching t.v. or a movie.

What can readers look forward to from your blog in the future?

My readers can look forward to many more BIGGER reviews that I have coming of upcoming books. Some time in the future I would love to hold a constest or a giveaway. Also, I'm going to try to get in touch with some authors for inteviews. There are so many things I plan to feature on that blog that I would just have to say keep coming back to see what's new each day.

To visit Ramblings of a Random Girl, you can click on her blog button below:

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  1. Hey I like, for a moment I thought it was a book, but you know, it wouldn't be a bad YA novel. This is well organized, good job.

  2. @Millicent = I'm glad you enjoyed the interview. :-)


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