For the love of Adele...

With my new WIP begging for more chapters to be written because I was crazy enough to believe it was done, I discovered a love for Adele. I can't stop listening to her songs. She fuels my writing. Her voice echoes in my head. Her lyrics feeds the mythical creative creature I've captured and locked up inside the deepest recesses of my soul.

Here's one of my favorites: Set Fire to the Rain.

What about you?

Is music a part of your process?

If so, what do you listen to?

If not, still tell me, what do you listen to?

You can add a YouTube link to the video, if there's one.


  1. She's amazing isn't she?? I love her.

    For The SandStorm Chronicles I listen mostly to Balkan Beat Box and QUF.

    For DEVOUR I listen to PJ Harvey and L7.

    I have eclectic tastes :)

  2. I absolutely LOVE Adele! She is a truly amazing artist and IMHO, rivaled by none.

  3. Music is definitely a part of my writing process. Sometimes I can write an entire scene from one song. As far as what I listen to everything. There's a chapter in my upcoming novel, there's a chapter where I'm using the song ET by Katy Perry. But I do indeed intertwine music and writing.


  4. I like Adele. Thanks for sharing. I like the quiet but sometimes it's music that inspires me. I listen to a lot of different music. Donna

  5. I am struggling with writer's block to come up with a plot I will care enough to follow through on now that I decided to try the self-pub route--when for years I wrote stuff and then hit that evil delete button because I am my own worst critic--probably now it's the brain fog from my daily meds,sigh.
    Have to say, Adele is awesome; my first taste of her was my daughter play Rolling in the Deep--she has a melancholy streak through her songs that must be great for writing emotional scenes. Good luck, :) Rae

  6. Hi Kate,
    I love Adele too.

    I listen to Pandora when I'm writing because I like the Goth Metal like Within Temptation. It feeds my inner darkness:) But I have a couple of different stations on their to fit various moods I'm feeling at the time.

  7. I listen to a widre variety of things-everything but opera :)

  8. Yeah, she's great. Truly talented in a way that very few pop musicians are. I especially love her cover of "Make You Feel My Love".

    I listen to a wide variety of music, but as for what's connected to what I'm writing? that's mostly Evanescence, though another big one is "You Will Never Be Alone" by Anastacia.

  9. I'm a totally no music while writing person, but when I'm not writing I love to crank up the tunes. Very relaxing or energizing, depending on my mood.

  10. Music is a big part of my own thought process. I usually listen to whatever I think brings something related to my characters. One that I really like to listen to is "All about us" by TATU. It fits more in the second book although I think it could fit with the first one as well.

  11. @Pavarti = I have to try and listen to Balkan Beat Box and QUF.

    @Alyssa = I wholeheartedly agree!

    @Lea = For me, if it's Katy Perry, it's Firework.

    @cleemckenzie = I usually love cranking up the volume when in the shower.

    @Millicent = Sometimes, there are just these songs that get you in the mood and help with moving the story forward. :-)

    @Edward = I love Evanescence too! I sang one of their songs in a concert once.

    @Donna = I usually write when its quiet too.

    @Rae = I think I have an up coming post on writer's block. Stay tuned. :-)

    @Angie = Thanks for dropping by, sista! You need to send me some titles of Goth Metal that I can listen to.

    @Krystal = Not much for opera too.

  12. Thanks for the welcome on Book Blogs! :o)

    I just followed you with GFC. Looking forward to getting to know your blog.


  13. Kate, here are my favs:


    Balkan Beat Box:

  14. Adele is awesome; although getting tickets to her show is a monumental task; ticket brokers have them from $300-$1,200 each! Although I love music and have seen many live shows, I find it difficult to read books and music at the same time. Now magazines on the other hand is different story. Music, reading and a bit of writing is a huge part of my life as it conjures up memories, good and bad: emotional release inspirational, relaxing etc. Listen to and see alot of concerts- a wide variety, from Johnny Cash to Barbara Streisand and even saw GNR live back in the day.....oh and Happy 70th to Robert Zimmerman!

    - Mike

  15. Music is a huge part of my process, though mostly stuff I don't really listen to. Things like The Cure, Tom Waits, and Nick Cave, mainly, regardless of the story I'm trying to write. Oh, and the occasional bit of Smashing Pumpkins or Radiohead. I don't usually give them a lot of play, but the right groove and a bit of nostalgia and suddenly boom. It's also how I wind up with so many epigraphs in my work.

  16. @DanielleCorrelle = Thank you for stopping by! I hope you continue to enjoy your stay.

    @Pavarti = Thanks for the links! I'll go check them out.

    @mhenderson = Music is a big part of life, and you're so lucky to have attended concerts. On my Bucket List is actually to attend a Bon Jovi concert on day.

    @Caius = That's so interesting. But you're right about nostalgia, it can really spark the creative.

  17. Thanks for the message on book blogs to comment on this post.

    I do listen to music while I am writing. I don't write novels yet but, any type of writing I write I usually listen to my rock music. Typically bands or an artist that's very Lyrical like: Linkin Park, Evanescence, Nikki Sixx, Stone Sour. Weird to some but that's what gets me going.

  18. Music is definitely a part of my process, but I generally keep it to instrumental music. I cater it to what I'm writing though. If I'm writing science fiction, I'll listen to sci scores.


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