Guest Post: Get to know the Ice Hotel

Good day fellow reader,

Kate has graciously invited me to write this letter to you regarding "The Ice Hotel," the fantasy YA novel I wrote in memory of a friend who was taken too soon... 

In fall 2008, something happened, which changed my life, as well as the lives of many other people I knew.  For many of us, it began with a phone call.  Some of us were driving in traffic, some were at home, others were out in the city easing into a Saturday night adventure.  When the phone call came, it sounded different for each person, but the message was always the same:  He’s gone. 

In one night, we’d all lost a bright spirit who was only 31 years old.  He was a brother, a son, a friend.  And we’d never see him again.

After that night, I often found myself in conversation with friends who were stunned by the premature and shocking loss of someone so young.  There were common stories of feeling haunted by our friend, in a good way, of course.  One person saw him walking down the street.  Another person saw him waiting tables.  I, myself, woke up at 3am and saw him in a cooking show on my TV.

Within 10 days of that phone call, I began to write.  And within 3 months, I’d completed the first draft of a fantasy YA novel called "The Ice Hotel".  Fast-forward a few years and the book is on -- but it is also now being adapted to screen by 2011 Oscar-nominated screenwritersPaul Tamasy & Eric Johnson - (THE FIGHTER - best original screenplay).  

While the adaptation has already begun, the book needs help to get further out into the world...

Why, you might ask?

As a debut, self-published, fantasy YA novel, "The Ice Hotelhas made all of its progress, including attracting the attention of Oscar-nominated screenwriters, and establishing a gallery of "fans with THE ICE HOTEL" photos via word of mouth.  It has not had the help that any book backed by a major publisher would have in terms of marketing and publicity.

I am thrilled that the story of the McGarity family's Arctic adventure is already on its way to the big screen; however it was created first – as a book.  And as the typically long process of book to film adaptation proceeds (many films can take 5 to 10 years or more), my great hope is that  "The Ice Hotel" reaches as many people as possible in its original form.

Please visit this page, which raises funds for the book’s marketing campaign - It ends on June 16th and seeks funds to promote the book via print ads, twitter, live events, gifting of the book to reading/writing-oriented non profits and libraries, and more...  Even if you cannot pledge to the campaign, please consider sending this letter to others… other fantasy YA readers… others who have experienced the loss of a loved one, and who may connect to a story, which strives, through fantasy adventure, to make sense of this kind of loss.
mc foley

Marketing campaign for “THE ICE HOTEL” by mc foley
You can tour the real Jukkasjarvi, Sweden-based ICEHOTEL here.


  1. Hi mc foley. Thanks Kate for sharing her guest post. Mc, I'm so very sorry for the loss of your friend. And it's good to know you were able to channel some of your grief into a fiction story. The Ice Hotel sounds interesting to me. I will certainly be checking it out. Best Wishes on the upcoming movie. That is a super accomplishment!
    Laurie's Thoughts & Reviews

  2. Oh my-- I cannot wait to read this book! I wish I did not have a huge TBR pile because the story calls to me: I love wintry settings and the idea of being in contact with those who cross over.
    Much good success to the author and I will be picking this story up in near future.

    @ Kate, as always, a wonderful, insightful article. I love to read your posts! Rae

  3. @Laurie = You're welcome!

    @Rae = It's a pleasure to share these things with readers like you. :-)

    @Savannah = Thank you so much for stopping by.

  4. @ Laurie - thank you so much! The Ice Hotel has been beyond a labor of love - and sometimes I like to think that my friend can see all of this from wherever he is... a crazy thought, I know, but still... Thank you for checking it out...

    @Best O'Books/Rae - thank you! Yes, the Arctic Circle is mind-blowing because it not only contains a kind of enchanting winter world with huskies and northern lights and snow-clumped forests... but also, because it is REAL... truth is stranger than fiction, no? :)

    @Savannah - THANK YOU, AGAIN** ... especially because this is indie, and because it's already made it so far by indie word of mouth (and by reviews like yours!)... the world is changing by leaps and bounds* - the word of the day is always adapt - adapt - ADAPT*

  5. This sounds incredibly interesting and I'll be reading this book. I'm so sorry for your loss and will send all positive thoughts for the book's success!

  6. Hmm, it sounds interesting. I might have to add it to my list of "to read" pile.

  7. @ Susie - thank you so much. I hope you enjoy the book* It was fun to write about such an amazing location as the The ICEHOTEL and the surrounding Arctic landscape. Not to mention - the Northern Lights. Thanks also for the positive thoughts!!

    @Millicent - thank you! I hope you decide to add it to your pile, and that you enjoy the book. Cheers! -mc

  8. Great guest post. What a story of inspiration with your writing. It sounds like a very personal story. I hope to check out the Ice Hotel at some point.

  9. I posted this book on my blog. It looks great, best of luck with the marketing campaign.

  10. @ Conor and Anglophile - thank you both, so much. Yes, the story is definitely derived from a personal place. Not just because it came from the loss of a bright spirit, but also, because I've always looked to fantasy stories for inspiration - I love the way they allow readers/writers to explore metaphors about life to their fullest degree. The magic inherent in the Arctic Circle's environment - and especially in The ICEHOTEL - brought me endless fountains of inspiration while writing. And still do, while I'm working on the next book in the series* Cheers & thank you again! ~mc

  11. Really a good inspirational story to read. The story touched me and I think it might touched everyone . Really loving the story as well as the ice hotel.


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