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I'm back! Well...sort of. I've finished editing my latest WIP and it's been sent out to three very important people in my life: my agent and two of the best beta readers a gal could have. I count myself lucky that they haven't disowned me in the six weeks I've disappeared from their lives.

In these six weeks of intense writing and editing, I refrained one of the things I like to do best: read. Yes, folks, I abstained from reading books for six weeks, and as you might understand, I'm feeling deprived. So, as a way to decompress after being in my creative cave, I'm embarking on a reading marathon of maybe two weeks. I might even share these adventures with you after each book I finish reading.

Anyway, to celebrate my return, I thought about opening themes. You know. The opening credits of our favorite shows? Today, it's a trend not to have opening credits anymore, but I believe the most awesome shows have them. Below are examples of two of my favorites.

The Game of Thrones

If you haven't heard of this show yet, where have you been hiding? You have to watch the first season of The Game of Thrones ASAP. Or you can read the books too. Which ever you prefer. Just don't let this one slip away without knowing about it.

True Blood

As you may have noticed by now, I love HBO. They have the best shows. And who doesn't want to watch True Blood? I'm guessing many people. But if you're someone who drools over Eric Northman, then I welcome you to the club.

What's you're favorite opening theme or credit?

And if you can find a YouTube video of it, post the link along with your comment. I'd love to see it.


  1. Oh I am a huge fan of TRUE BLOOD, my sister owns all of the DVD's so we go to her house and watch them over and over. Great series.

  2. @jackie = I actually can't wait to watch the latest episode of this new season. Oh, Eric.

  3. Welcome back! Missed you!

    Love TrueBlood and Game of Thrones, so freaking good!


  4. I used to watch a lot of anime, and they tend to produce really awesome openings, often several per series. Gundam 00 is a personal favorite, as is Blood+. Also, Saiyuki's OP song is quite good, though I've never seen the series itself -- kinda girly-looking.

    Lupines and Lunatics

  5. @Sherry = Thank you!

    @Lup = Yey for anime! One of the openings I really love is Death Note. Awesome that.

  6. Welcome back! And I can't believe you went so long without reading... *gasp!* Oh well, won't take long to get back on track. :D

  7. Super dooper blog. I am off to explore it more thoroughly which will probably mean I will be hanging around a while. If I am still here when you want to go to bed, just show me the door!
    I am of course your newest follower. Do please drop by my blog where you will be most welcome or my author site below.
    Warm wishes

  8. Welcome back! I don't watch much tv nowadays and sadly no HBO in our cable :/ but I'm completely blown away by the Game of Thrones opening credit and George R.R Martin's novels I start off with his Hedge Knight story then the next the list goes on..I love bleach anime opening & closing credits they changed it every single time so something different is offered plus that anime is simply amazing! ^_^

    I'm your new GFC follower

  9. @Caledonia = I know, right? And yes, I'm back on track with that now. :-)

    @Carol = Thank you so much.

    @kimyunalesca = I love Bleach too! I used to have a big crush on Ichigo. :-P

  10. Thank you sooo very much for the comment that you left on my blog. I am now a follower of this wonderland that you call home.

  11. I don't know that I can think of a necessarily GREAT opening credit, but when I introduced my stepdaughter to Buffy the Vampire Slayer, we had to watch the credits at each new season to see how they changed them. And I will say that one of my favorites (you have to be a Buffy fan to remember this one) is when Jonathan casts a spell to make everyone think he is some sort of superstar, they completely reworked the opening credits to reflect this alternate reality he created. Welcome back.

  12. Oh, and a quick question. Did you get a notification that I had responded to your comment on my blog post? I don't always get the chance, but I thought this posting merited responses to everyone. However, I'm not sure if people are being notified when I reply to them.

  13. Never heard of Game of Thrones. I may have to check it out. Love True Blood though. :)

  14. Thanks for your *welcome* message on BookBlogs - so nice!
    I'm a new follower now, hope we can be neighbors:)
    Come visit me too!

  15. @Frishawn = You're certainly very welcome.

    @pauldail = I do get the replies. And I think I remember the opening credits you're referring to.

    @Sherri = So worth the watch and read.

    @Nay = You're welcome for the welcome!

  16. LOVE the True Blood credits and song. Have you seen Dexter? Next to True Blood - Best. Credits. Ever.

  17. My excuse for not watching Game Of Thrones is pretty bad. Ready?'s on the same time as Glee where I live. ***runs and hides***

  18. Love, love "True Blood" and I was so very happy to see it here!
    My other favorite is "Dexter." OMG, how gruesome and real that one is...and I love everything about the show. Someone said after the Casey Anthony verdict, "Where's Dexter when we need him?" Whew! That's a very scary thought! Dexter and I have a love/hate relationship and I think love is seriously winning.

  19. @Ruth and Deborah = I've been hearing a lot about Dexter ever since it started years ago. Mine have to watch it.

    @Sophie = You have to try and make time for it. Only ten episodes for season one anyway. :-)


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