Please don't judge me for liking really sappy love stories. I'm addicted to them.

My friend and I watched PROM yesterday, and we were squealing like little girls. I won't talk about the story or the characters. Safe to say, I felt good after watching the movie. That's all that matters.

Obviously, from the title alone, you get what the movie is all about. That one night seniors wait for all year. (In my country, it's both juniors and seniors). The dress. The date. The tux. The limo. When you're in high school, prom is a part of the experience, whether you enjoyed it or not or if you didn't go.

Is it bad that I only remember bits and pieces of my prom? I still have the dresses though. Maybe I'm about to turn into a hoarder?

Anyway, I digress.

I'm not saying watch the movie. That's you're decision to make.

What I want to ask is: What do you remember the most about your prom?


  1. haha I love them too :) I hadn't heard of PROM but I will have to check it out

  2. Nothing. I didn't go. Depending on the kind of mood I'm in when you ask me, it's either because I couldn't find a date or I hated the people I went to school with. Might be both. It could be genetic, because my brother and sister didn't go to their proms, either. My sister was asked by some guy she knew, but she turned him down because she hadn't planned on going. She was a tomboy, and hated anything "girly".

    Lupines and Lunatics

  3. Hi Kate
    Awesum blog you have here ;)

    kind regards


  4. @Jess = I think you'll like it.

    @Lup = Although I felt the same way about the people I went with, I still didn't want to miss the opportunity and experience.

    @Falcon = Thank you!

  5. Ack! I never liked high school prom. It was so cheesy, and awkward sitting next to the senior who didn't even really know my name (for some sick/demented reason, the staff thought it would be a GREAT idea to pair up the juniors and seniors--yes, you read that right, they assigned us partners. *shudders). I would have been totally fine and happy hanging out with my girl friends (no dating for me back then. The guys were pretty lame in my high school). :D

  6. @Cherie = They actually paired juniors with seniors? You're right, that would be awkward.


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