Be still my beating...

I just had to share this picture because it KILLS! Seriously. My heart skipped the moment I saw it. That smirk. Seriously. It KILLS!


  1. How hot can one guy get - seriously he is delicious! I saw an episode of him some show he used to be in where he was actually naked, making illicit moves and a brunette lady. Pretty long soft porn scene! I pressed pause and rewind quite a bit. I had to delete it in the end because it was getting ridiculous! ;D

  2. @Shah = I would do the same thing! We are shameless!

    @Escape by Fiction = Can you just imagine that walking towards you. I melt.

  3. OMG!! I love, love, LOVE him!! He is just too too sexy. Thud!

  4. @Liachristo = Totally! Can you imagine him giving that to you?

    @Readergirl = Enough said. :-P


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