Freaking out and underwear

I'm officially freaking out! Two publishers have asked for the full manuscript of Taste, and me in the middle of editing for voice. As all you writery folks know, when you edit for voice, it's basically a whole manuscript makeover. It's the kind of stress I love. Now, I don't have any reason to procrastinate.

Well, maybe one...

In continuing with the Superstition Game, I'm combining the suggestions of the Corwinator from Divid3 by zer0 who suggested jockstrap and Author Kim Mullican who suggested panties. So, what did I come up with? Superstitions about underwear, of course!

Let's start.

Superstitions about underwear generally confine themselves to the wearing of such items by women, though one unisex tradition has it that anyone who is having an unlucky day may reverse their luck by turning their underwear inside out. When putting underwear on, it is important not to do catches or buttons up incorrectly, as this will cast a shadow over one's fortunes for the rest of the day, regardless of the wearer's sex. It is also unlucky for a man or a woman to attempt to repair underwear while still wearing it, as is true of mending any other kind of garment.

Single girls should be wary of borrowing underwear from married women, as this means that they will be married themselves within the year. If, on the other had, they actively wish to attract men, slipping a few leaves of Valerian into their underwear will make them irresistible to the opposite sex, according to the Welsh. Should a girl's underwear slip down for no apparent reason, this is supposed to betray the fact that she is thinking about her lover; if a girl's nightdress rides up at night, meanwhile, this is a sure sign that her lover is thinking of her. When a girl finally gets to walk down the aisle as a bride, she can enhance her luck in married life by omitting to put on any underwear under her wedding dress, according to one tradition from the English Midlands. This superstition may derive from the old belief that a bride who wore nothing but her wedding dress when she got married was excused past debts, for which her new husband would otherwise have been liable for in years gone by.

Women may lament the appearance of a hole or ladder in a pair of stockings, but the discovery of two at the same time is said to be a good omen and suggests that the person concerned will shortly be receiving an unexpected present. If newly washed stockings curl up when drying, meanwhile, this constitutes a prediction of happy times ahead, possibly in the form of a new love affair. Furthermore, a woman who has trouble doing up suspenders and has to refasten them three times may console herself that this guarantees her a good day ahead. Anyone who is suffering from a sore throat is advised that wrapping stockings still warm from the leg of a new bride around the affected area will bring relief -- though acquiring such a stocking in the first place may prove a challenge.

Well, who knew underwear could be so interesting? So, if any of you are experiencing some bad luck today, you know what to do. Flip that underwear inside out!

And to keep up with the underwear theme of this post, here's a video from Royal Republic:


  1. Yay! You'll find a publisher for "Taste" because it's an brilliant novel!


    Check Out My Books!

  2. What about mending underwear while it's inside out and on your head?

  3. LOL. That made me laugh. I had visions of tackling brides as they walk from the church! hehe

    SO many strange superstitions.

  4. Congrats, Kate! I'm happy for you!!!

  5. @Sherry = Thank you! Mwah!

    @John = I think that still counts because it's still on your body. :-P

    @barmybex = Hold on to your panties. Crazier ones to come.

    @Geraldine = Thank you! *tackle hugs*

  6. Hi Kate!
    My name is Cece and I love your blog! And on the subjects of underwear, everything today seemed to be going haywire. Guess what! I had worn my underwear inside out!


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