Superstition Game #1: Hairpins

Welcome to our first Superstition Game, folks! I've been beside myself this weekend, wanting to get this train all steamed up. Thank you so much to those who've given me suggestions. If you haven't yet, and would like to join the game, you can visit this post. I will make sure to add your superstition suggestion to the list.

Today's Superstition Suggestion comes from Nikki. She wanted to know if there were any superstitions connected to headbands. This was a tricky one because headbands weren't as common as one might think in the olden days, so I had to settle for hairpins. Let's get this game started!

Because of its association with hair, the humble hairpin is not without magical significance. Finding a hairpin promises making a new friend (well, maybe because you need to return said pin to said person); losing one is more ominous, suggesting that an enemy is close at hand (probably because said enemy was the one who stole said hairpin? Especially if its the sparkly kind). If a hairpin works its way loose in the hair, this is taken as an indication that someone has that person in their thoughts -- though in Germany, this may signify the end of a love affair.

Forgive my asides, I just couldn't help myself. But since hairpins take their significance from hair, then why not headbands too? Just exchange "hairpin" with "headband" and you're in business. And I'm not one to ever walk away from learning something new, so I will leave you with this video:

Continue to stay tuned for more Superstitions to come, dear readers! Up next is a combination of the humble jockstrap and the downfall of every man: panties. My dignity just went down the drain, but it promises to be a fun post. Who would have thought underwear has superstitions connected to it?

Have a great week, folks! And watch out for hairpins, you just might find one.


  1. @shelly = Thanks for stopping by. More to come! :-)

  2. I could never do my hair with hairpins. It never stayed put. Then I got it bobbed so its too short now. Cool post though. Shah. X


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