The Superstition Game: Cars

Folks, Halloween is tomorrow for the islands, so I can already smell the candy. Having a little get together at my place. You're all invited!

But before I start baking and cooking my nuts off, I want to continue with the game. Today, it's all about cars. Yes, cars! This suggestion is from Sophie over at Life Between Pages. She's awesome, so make sure to visit her by clicking on the link. Let's begin...

Despite the relatively brief history of motorized transport, the car has already attracted to itself a considerable body of mythology. Green cars are widely held to be unlucky and many drivers talk of 'jinxed' vehicles in which they have had numerous accidents (though others will protest that even talking about such mishaps is likely to provoke misfortune). Congratulating oneself on a trouble-free motoring record is also unwise, as this is simply tempting fate. Particularly suspect are cars bought on the thirteenth of the month or otherwise carrying number plates that in some way ad up to the number thirteen.

Stretches of road can be haunted, just as houses can. Drivers on a remote stretch of road in south-west England, for instance, have described a spectral pair of hairy hands materializing alongside their own on the steering wheel and attempting to force the vehicle off the road. Other motorists have picked up spectral hitchhikers and have otherwise been terrorized by ghostly pedestrians suddenly materializing immediately in front of the car. To guard against such dangers, and also against more mundane risks, many drivers carry lucky St. Christopher key chains or other charms such as lucky dice, and will transfer these accessories from their old car to their new one in order to preserve their luck. Virtually every driver, meanwhile, will support the contention that washing the car is certain to bring on rain.

A rather involved superstition recorded in the US claims that a girl may employ the 'magic' of cars to hasten the moment when she meets her true love. First, she must wait in the same spot until ten red cars have passed, then she must spot a red-haired girl in a purple dress and finally a man in a green tie: the next male who happens along is destined to become her husband.

Well, that sounds like something interesting for all single women out there. Please sit somewhere and wait to see if all this happens. Send me your wedding invite if it does. But before you go out and test this superstition, watch this video:


  1. Certain areas of NYC, you could meet those conditions in about a hour or so. ~_^ Still, it sounds like something passed around by teenage girls to prank the local lonely chick.

    Shooting for the Moon

  2. never heard of that one, right i'm off to count cars and look for red haired women in purple dresses etc. lol
    awesome info.

  3. @Shelly = Thank you! Stay tuned for the Halloween post. :-)

    @Lup = It does sound like something like that, doesn't it.

    @barmybex = Let me know how it goes. Make sure to document, and I wish you happy hunting. :-)

  4. I loved the one about the road..It reminds me scarily of a road i used to live down...Never did like driving down it! :( Now i have a reason why i should have been scared! Brilliant posts, Thanks :)


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