The Superstition Game: Spoons

Today's post comes from Rusalka at caminando caminando. Teaspoon was the suggestion, so in the interest of compromise, this post will be about spoons since they are in the same family. Let the game begin.

Like other items of cutlery, spoons are associated with a variety of superstitious beliefs. Just as dropping a spoon on the floor is held to be a sign that a baby or child is about to call at the house, the dropping of a large spoon on the table is said to give warning of the imminent arrival of a large group of visitors. Should the bowl of a dropped spoon lie uppermost, a welcome surprise is in the offing, but if it lies bowl downwards, someone is due for a disappointment. Extending the connection between babies and spoons is the Scottish tradition that particular significance may be placed upon the hand with which a baby first picks up a spoon. If it is the right hand, the child may expect a bright and happy future, but bad luck will permanently attend one who uses the left hand.

Other miscellaneous superstitions concerning spoons include the notion that it is unlucky to stir food with the left hand and also unlucky for anyone to pour from a spoon 'back-handed'. More optimistic is the idea that the discovery of two spoons on the same saucer indicates a wedding in the family -- or that someone is about to give birth to twins. The Welsh, of course, have a long tradition of lovers presenting each other with wooden spoons, the carving of which communicates various coded messages from one to the other, while brides much further afield are often given wooden spoons for luck. In other circumstances, however, receiving the 'wooden spoon' is a metaphor for coming last in a competition, often sporting in nature.

So, anyone of you about to enter a race with someone, make sure to give them a wooden spoon. And just to keep things interesting, here's a video from Salad Fingers about spoons. Enjoy:


  1. Oh, I love salad fingers!! Great post!

  2. @John = It's Salad Fingers just the creepiest! I just had to add it to the post. :-P

  3. HUH? Very interesting! Love this post!

  4. @Savannah = quirky, isn't it? ahahahaha


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