Introducing Eika

I'd like to introduce everyone to my Kimi Doll. Here is a little about her story:

The Kimmidoll® brand was conceived following a long standing passion with elegant decorative gift and homeware items inspired by Eastern culture. The traditional Japanese Kokeshi dolls are a perfect example of this simplistic Eastern beauty.

Kokeshi dolls have been a Japanese cultural institution for over two centuries. Giving and receiving Kokeshi dolls dates back to the Edo period (1603-1867) in Japan. Kokeshi dolls were handcrafted by woodwork artisans of the time known as Kijiya, (which means woodworker in Japanese) to be given away as tokens of love and friendship. Kokeshi dolls were given as gifts to newborn children as a lucky charm to bestow good wishes for a healthy child.

It is this philosophy of bestowing luck and good fortune upon friends and family that is behind the creation of the Kimmidoll® brand. Kimmidolls are contemporary collectable dolls combining a fusion of traditional and modern creative sensibility.

The Kimmidoll® brand is already a global success, now well known in over 50 countries worldwide including Australia, United Kingdom, France, Italy, Spain, Portugal, The Netherlands, Ireland, South Africa, New Zealand, Chile, Argentina, Singapore, Hong Kong, Japan, Korea and the United Arab Emirates.

Kimmidoll® is a family of contemporary doll characters, each lovingly designed and representing one of “Life’s True Values”. As a beautiful collectable or as a home decorative item these gorgeous dolls will bless all the important moments in your life.

The beauty of the Kimmidoll® range lies in the gorgeous inspirational values that each doll expresses. While they look individual, there is one philosophy that all the Kimmidolls share, and that is about celebrating important values in life’s journey such as kindness, happiness, joy and respect. The Kimmidoll® range allows you to celebrate these values with your friends and family. Each gorgeous kimmidoll comes with its own collector’s card.

Kimmidolls are “charming” friends that will inspire you throughout life’s journey.

With that said, I relinquish this blog post to Eika...

Hello, my name is Eika


My spirit is persistent and positive.

With your drive, persistence and unwavering belief in what you set your mind to do, no obstacle is too great, and no failure can waver your firm resolve. May your strong and positive spirit bring you all the success you seek.

Because of the above description, Eika hangs on a ring outside my bag. I keep her with me or close by at all times, and she has proven to bring me success wherever I go.

If you want to know more about Kimi Dolls, you can visit this their website.

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