Review Request: After Isaactown by Ward Jones

Here's another interesting novel up for review. As always, please read the blurb.If you find yourself curious and wanting to review this book, then leave your name and email address in the comments section so that Ward can contact you immediately. Happy Reading!

How life’s most unexpected events can change even the closest of relationships.

Norm Armstein, a successful but lonely executive, has long been devoted to his sister-in-law. Bev is married to Norm’s brother, and for years has been the prisoner of a small town and his brother’s neglect.

But when Norm mistakes a stranger for her during a children’s play practice, he is charmed to the point of infatuation. Charmed by someone new, that is. Forgotten is Bev, whom Norm has always cherished — and secretly pined for.

The stranger is Harriet Anderson, a Shakespearean scholar who teaches at a Brooklyn college. As beautiful as she is kind, she weakens Norm’s oldest and strongest devotions: to Bev, and to his career.

Faced with affectionate prospects for the first time in his life, Norm now must choose. And in the process, discover in his fifth decade of life who he is.

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  1. I would be interested in reading and reviewing this, If it is available in a physical copy.

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    Thanks :)

  2. Hi there.

    This book sounds interesting. I'd love to review it for you.


  3. Sounds very interesting from the synopsis, any paperbacks available for review?

  4. I would love to read and review this book!



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