Review Request: Five Dances with Death by Austin Briggs

I always love a book that involves the Aztecs. Read the blurb below and if you believe that you can dance with death, then please leave your name and email address in the comments section so that Austin can send you a copy right away. Happy Reading!

In the days before the Conquistadors, Angry Wasp is fighting to keep his family and his small Aztec nation alive.

Slavers have kidnapped his daughter. His wife has turned to powerful sorcery. His people have challenged Montezuma's dominance and now face extinction. And the Spaniards have begun their march inland.

Now Wasp must rely on his military prowess, wit and even dark magic to regain his family and protect the independence of his nation, as he begins a desperate journey that will forever change the fate of the Aztec people.

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  1. This sounds like a great book. Is there a specific date that he wants the review done by? I have a few e-books that I still haven't reviewed yet so I wanted to make sure there wasn't a deadline before I offer to review.

  2. Hi Gabriel, I'll answer myself, if I may... there's no deadline, please review at your leisure.

  3. I'm interested. Sounds good. I don't own an e-reader tho. :)

    This book in on my to read shelf on goodreads.



  4. Sounds really interesting.

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  5. I would love to read and review this book!


  6. Amber



  7. I would love to read this!
    Many thanks!
    Mary Black

  8. I'd love to review this....if there's a hard copy available.
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    Prerna (a.k.a procrastinator135)


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