Why I'm not NaNo-ing this Month

Before I explain my decision not to participate during NaNo this month, I want to pass around a plate of Chocolate Mint Cupcakes with Rainbow Sprinkles.

Cupcakes for everyone!

Now, why am I not writing this month? Simple answer, my To Be Read pile.

I was supposed to write Off the Chain, a contemporary YA romance, this month. But as the days to NaNo dwindled, I began to realize I have way too many balls in the air already. So, I've decided to finish reading all the book in my TBR pile by the end of the year. This way, I get a fresh start next year. Why do I need a fresh start? Besides the insane ups and downs this year has dealt me? I plan to make next year a writing year. Yup, you've read it right. I want to challenge myself by writing at least six books. One every other month. Why every other month? Well, after writing, I do need to edit and decompress before starting another novel.

There, I've gotten my secret off my chest. Not NaNo-ing this year. Reading instead. And baking. Lots and lots of baking.

Besides leaving you all with cupcakes, I want to show you the NaNo cover Tirz so graciously created for Off the Chain. Please visit her awesome site A Clever Whatever after you read this post. Totally worth it. :-)


  1. Good for you - and what a great goal for next year!! Amazing! Also, thanks for the cupcakes :)

  2. Nice art! And yummy cupcakes. Must NOM!

    Shooting for the Moon

  3. ooh! Another book of yours that I'm looking forward to! :) You have a point. It's better to get a fresh start that to try and rush something. But for me, Nano is perfect. I've been thinking about this novel since last year. I've been plotting and brainstorming and now I'm ready to write. I have a huge TBR too but I'll manage!

  4. @Coreena = You're welcome! :-)

    @LupLun = I still owe you a Black Forest Cake!

    @Precious = I certainly believe that you can manage. Write, write, write!

  5. First off, I'm not a writer (I'm feeling more and more like I'm in the minority in the book blog world, everyone writes!), but 6 books in a year sound SUPER ambitious! I'm amazed you're able to do that! I can't even imagine write a book in a year! I look forward to checking one out!


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