Review Request: Tom's Wife by Alana Cash

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Set on a farm in Arkansas during the Great Depression, TOM'S WIFE immerses the reader into a simple way of life – and a woman’s place in it – that is long gone. Told from Annie’s point of view, the story shows what friendship, honor, and love means in a man’s world.

Annie Huckaby is almost resigned to life with Tom, who is hard-working but volatile and abusive with her. Tom works at a coal mine during the week, leaving Annie to take care of the house and their infant son while Tom’s Native-American friend Jim takes care of the farm. Twila visits every day and helps Annie make a little money of her own selling eggs to the cafĂ© on the highway. And there’s church on Sunday. Annie is not always alone, but still, she’s lonely…until one afternoon, a peddler named Jake Stern wanders onto the porch wearing a clean white shirt, selling notions and tenderness. After that, everything on the farm belongs to Tom, except Annie's heart.

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  1. I would be interested in reviewing this.


  2. Sounds really interesting - wish I could shake loose some time and review it.

  3. This sounds pretty cool. I would need a physical copy, but I'd love to review it. kmockler at gmail dot com.

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    Julia Janney

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  7. I would love to read and review your book on The Paperback Pursuer blog! Any paperbacks available?

  8. I would love to read and review this book!


  9. This definitely sounds like something I'd enjoy reading.

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  11. I'd love to review this one... Is it possible to get a paperback? My email is kimtheavidreader at gmail dot com. My blog is here:


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