Have a Mani/Pedi Party


It’s only the beginning of the year and you’re feeling stressed or blue? Well, according to Today’s Talk, a great way to beat the blues or shove away stress is to have a party. In this case, have a mani/pedi party with your girls.

I got some writing done today, and because I finished a chapter and started another, I told myself I was in need of a little “me time” with a manicure and pedicure. Having great looking nails boosts confidence; at least, in my experience. I always love seeing newly manicured fingernails.

So, get your finger-and-toe pampering kit and call your girlfriends over. If you don’t have a mani/pedi kit, make sure to invite someone who does. *wink*

Also, ask the girls to bring their favorite shade of nail polish.

While waiting for your friends to arrive, stick some popcorn into the microwave. We’re still trying to shed those mashed-potato pounds we’ve gained over the holidays. But if you really want to make this a guilty pleasure mani/pedi party, bring out the snacks. Alcohol optional, but not unnecessary.

When everyone has arrived, have them take out their favorite polish and stick the bottle into a hat/bowl/sack/whatever you have that can be used as a choosing pot. Then you can choose between two things: sounds or movies. If you prefer sounds, put together a fun playlist that keeps the party mood upbeat. Remember, we’re relieving stress and getting over the blues. If you want movies, then choose your favorite ones. I would personally pick fun romantic comedies. You know…something you can swoon over.

Once everyone is gathered, get the party started. Make everyone pick out a bottle of polish from the pot and that’s what they’ll have to wear. Give your nails their much needed pampering. Hang out with your best friends. Giggle over cute boys. You’re never too old to giggle over cute boys. Here’s my default cute boy:

At the end of the day, you had fun. That’s the most important thing. You were able to share the moment with your friends and walk away with great looking nails. :-)

Cyndi Lauper - Girls Just Want To Have Fun


  1. Kate, this is a fantastic idea! And if there are margaritas involved... even better!! :)


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