Review Request: Days of Vengeance by Tim Kizer

I have a paranormal horror to add a little more chill to your nights. Read the blurb. If you're interested in reviewing Days of Vengeance, please leave your name and email address in the comments section so that Tim can send you a copy immediately. Happy Reading!

With the last six years of his life wiped out of his memory, Frank begins to suspect he may have murdered his wife Kelly, who went missing three days before the car crash that caused his amnesia. While struggling to remember his wife and the events surrounding her disappearance, Frank is shocked to find out that Kelly's family has the same suspicions as he does.

As his memories trickle back to him, Frank is still unable to figure out why he has slaughtered his wife. Things take a darker turn when the in-laws give him to understand that they will stop at nothing to make him remember what he has done to their beloved sister.

Frank's search for answers becomes a fight for survival after he rediscovers that his wife's relatives are a clique of bloodthirsty serial kidnappers serving a mysterious one-legged man.

However, the question still remains: Why are these people so hell-bent on getting hold of Kelly's dead body?

His options are limited: he either finds his wife--dead or alive--or dies. In his race against time Frank has all the clues to the puzzle, he just has to remember them before it’s too late.

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  1. Hi..I am interested in reviewing this book, if a hard copy is possible.

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  2. I would enjoy reviewing this book.

  3. I just emailed to Vidya and Heather!
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