Review Request: The Sleepyland Slide by David Lasaine

I think we have something to share with the little ones today. Read the blurb and ask for a copy now. If you're interested, please leave your name and email address in the comments section so that David can contact you right away. Happy Reading!

A stormy night awakens a young child to call for his daddy. Daddy, who is the storyteller and book reader takes his sons on an imaginary magical journey along the Sleepyland Slide. Along the way they meet Mr. Man in the Moon, Ms. Cow, hear of a Gizeeblegizaable...and that is not all! From the perch they can see Sleepyland. Can you imagine a volcano that spews candy and caramel, a river of hot fudge, a jelly bean road, ice-cream mountains, fish that wear bathing suits...and Twistyneckspringswallows bouncing across the landscape? How about a Fregmellian Frog dancing on a log playing a honky tog...on his Saxophone? The Sleepyland Slide has steps that flash colors as they are touched, doors and windows that lead to other places, and markings of letters and symbols used by all civilizations since the beginning of time. There is no doubt this adventure excites a young child's' imagination. Experience the fun of reading to your child(ren) this story full of silly and whimsical action such as when Daddy is being tickled by a Gizeeblegizaable with it's large purple feet and his children see him laughing out of control. Have your child draw their favorite parts and see what kind of pictures they create. Share this story with them and create a memory that will last a lifetime.

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