Movies and a Remembrance

I love watching movies.

Let’s let that idea set in for a second.


I use movies to escape my head at least once a week. I like going into the cinema, choosing a seat, and forgetting there’s a world outside the darkness of the theater for at least two hours. Once, a high school friend and I watched four movies in a day. It took great planning in terms of timing which movie to watch first so we had time to run to the next theater before the next movie started. That was an awesome day.

This week, it was a triple treat. I got to watch Safe House, The Woman in Black, and The Vow. These three movies represent what I love to watch.

Safe House brings together two of my favorite actors: Ryan Reynolds and Denzel Washington. Action, suspense, and the CIA plus Reynolds and Washington, I’m sold. I just wasn’t comfortable with the hand-held camera scenes reminiscent of any of the Bourne movies. My motion sickness isn’t happy when the shots are jerky.

If you’re looking for a scary movie, The Woman in Black is for you. For his first movie outside of the Potter franchise, I think Daniel Radcliff did a good job. Although, the Potter jokes going around in the cinema while we were watching ruined the viewing pleasure. I just couldn’t concentrate on the movie to fully appreciate it. Maybe if the maturity level in the theater I was in was a little higher, I would have been totally freaked out by this movie. I mean, children killing themselves when they see the woman in black is spine tingling.

Lastly, nothing could have stopped me from watching The Vow short of Armageddon. Channing Tatum in a romantic movie? I’m there yesterday. Plus, I love Rachel McAdams. Seen The Notebook? Sigh. Anyway, back to The Vow. I thought I needed tissue for this movie, but it wasn’t the case even if it tugged at my heartstrings. It’s such a sweet story though. I kept wanting Paige (McAdams’s character) to remember her husband. I’m definitely adding this one to the romance section of my movie collection.

Besides watching three movies, something else caught my attention today. Can you believe it? You go to sleep one night and wake up in the morning to find out someone really famous has died. I want to take this moment to remember the golden voice that was Whitney Huston.

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