Ten Reasons to Watch The Finder

Just for fun since I LOVE The Finder.

Here are ten reasons why you should watch The Finder:

10. The episodes.

"Little Green Men" or episode 6 is my favorite episode to date. You don't know what's real and what isn't. The mention conspiracy theories, and this episode really plays on your paranoia. Need more reasons to watch? Well, read on...

9. The honor jar.

Since Walter and Leo are out most of the time finding things, The Ends of the Earth (Leo's bar slash dive) is left to its own devices. Hence it's self-serve. That's where the honor jar comes in. You serve yourself and pay using the honor jar.

8. The blackboard.

Always watch out for the blackboard. Usually they use it to show what the episode is about through philosophical arguments like Samurai vs. Ninja. Who would you think would win?

7. Walter’s vault.

See, this is the most awesome thing because no one really knows what's inside Walter's vault. Well, at this point in the series, two other people other than Walter know. But will the audience ever get a sneak peek? I sure as hell want to.

6. The cast.

I love the cast chemistry. Enough said.

5. Johnny.

I love Johnny! He's so funny. I hope they bring him back for more episodes. He's already showed up in two.

4. The way Walter answers questions.

The episode this preview comes from is called "Bullets" where Walter takes a psych test to determine if he is fit to consult with the FBI and other law enforcement agencies. Basically, the way he answers the questions in this scene is just the tip of the iceberg for him.

3. Sexy marshal with a gun.

The scene directly after this, she runs out with her gun in her hands just in her underwear. I love how confident her character is and how she handles the craziness that is Walter.

2. Leo

Michael Clark Duncan. Enough said.

1. Walter.

Basically, The Finder is a fun show to watch. At times you don't get what it's trying to be (maybe it's a hybrid), but I love Walter. He totally carries the show. Each week, I wait with baited breath for the next episode. I'm glad I took a chance on this one.


  1. Hello Kate Im cathy and found you through book blogs and wanted to say hello and that we also love the finder show in my house . I hope you will stop by my blog and find something terrific to look at or check out the books I have blogged about .

    1. Thank you so much for stopping by, Kathy! Always appreciated. :-)

  2. I was skeptical about The Finder at first. I thought, "Well, I'll just turn it on for background noise." The next thing I know I was sucked into the show. I agree that this show has a lot of cool things going for it.

    1. I felt the same way too at first. But when I started watching it, I knew it was the show for me.

  3. I LOVE The Finder! Thanks for putting a smile on my face. :)

  4. I love The Finder. Walter is really the only reason I need to keep tuning in. I hadn't really focused on the blackboard and will have to pay closer attention in future episodes.

    1. You're right. Walter is the deciding factor there. :-)

  5. I really need to start watching The Finder!
    It sounds super fun. Plus I loved Bones! Maybe, I should give it a shot. :)

  6. It's awesome!! Thanks for the blog about the show and I fully agree with all your reasons to watch.


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