White Collar Finale

I’ve been a fan of the show White Collar since Neal Caffrey escaped prison. I’ve watched every episode to date and with each new twist in Neal’s story, I find myself just as eagerly anticipating a new episode each week as I did the first time around. Season three’s season finale didn’t disappoint one bit.

Where did Neal and Mozzie fly off to?

That is the question on every White Collar fan’s mind.

The lead up to the commutation hearing was subtle. It was hinted at in every episode since Neal and Peter captured Keller with the Nazi treasure. As a regular viewer, I suspected the hearing would take place as part of this season’s finale, but I never thought the series writers would end season three this way. Neal’s on the run, and all because of Agent Kramer. I guess I should have known better. During the entire season, Mozzie’s been trying to convince Neal to take the treasure and run away with him. I also should have known that Mozzie would find a way to keep some of the treasure for a rainy day. Did they make it to the island?

Speculation abound now that the season is over. At one point, while I was watching Neal on the plane, I thought White Collar was canceled. So, imagine my relief when I hit search on Google and found out there’s a season four returning this summer.

My suspicion is that Neal and Mozzie will meet up with Gordon Taylor, a legendary con who they got to work with in this season’s penultimate episode. Gordon hinted at a job in France that he wants Neal and Mozzie in on. Oh, what I could give to see Neal in the streets of Paris.

Will he return to his con ways? Or will Peter catch up with him at some point?

I have a feeling season four will be all about Agent Kramer. He wants to get his hands on Neal really bad. But I also speculate that Neal’s father will make an appearance, or at least, there’s a storyline seed planted in the final episode of season three to lead me to that conclusion. Everything is too interconnected in this series for little hints like that to go unnoticed. I personally would like to meet Neal’s father. Maybe even his mother. They’re both still alive after all. There has to be something worthwhile there.

In short, I can’t wait for season four to begin.

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  1. I haven't seen this show, I'll have to check it out. :)


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