Writing Fears

My second pass edits for Taste arrived yesterday, which means today marks the beginning of my second pass editing. Meanwhile, I would like to discuss writing fears with all of you.

Most of my character’s stories come in a series, which means a trilogy or more in some cases. When I first started taking my writing seriously, I told myself I would not start the second book of a series until the first book finds a home. Since the novels I’ve completed are finding homes one by one, I’m faced with the need to write the second book. Unfortunately, my reading is where my writing fear is coming from.

Have you ever read the second book of a series and it doesn’t stand up to the first? Or that the first book is better than the rest of the books in the series? That’s been happening to me lately. I’ve been reading a lot of second books in a series that don’t measure up to the first. Hence my current concern. My guess is so much work came into the first book that when it finds a home a certain laxity happens to the writer when it comes to writing the second book since it’s sure to have a home already. Does the drive to make the second book as good as the first disappear when you know the second book already has a home? That you don’t need to make it as perfect as the first?

I’m just thinking aloud in this case, finding an outlet to express my legitimate fear, which I look forward to facing in the coming months since I’ll be writing the sequel to ‘Til Death. Of course, we all know that there are second books out there that are better than the first. There are even trilogies where each book gets better than the last. That’s certainly something to aspire to and an incentive to keep working hard, to give each book just as much attention, if not even more.

So, before I head off to my editing cave, I want to leave you with this question: What are your writing fears?


  1. This is so true. Even with the Hunger Games series the first book was the best. Valid fear, but don't let that get in your way. You'll rock it.

    1. It can be nerve wracking sometimes, but I have a feeling it's really because of what I'm reading lately. Thank you so much for the support, Ciara!

  2. While it is true that some sequels do not always have the same pizazz as the first book, they can be just as valued. I feel that most of the time people (including myself) take the first book to heart because it is the origin of the story. Expectations have been set in minds of readers. They want certain things to happen with certain characters. Authors aren't mind readers, and often already know where the next characters will journey to in the next installment. All of these things can be overwhelming I am sure! Keep up your good work! I can't wait to get to read Taste.

  3. I have noticed this (often)with mystery series. I think of it as sophomore slump. In many cases the third book is back on track though and is occasionally even better than the first as a lot of the "introduction" stuff is in the past and the author seems to have found a rhythm for the characters so they take more chances and do more interesting things. Maybe there is a way, as a writer, to think yourself ahead to your third book and avoid sophomore slump.


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