April Fools' Day

The first day of April, on which special license is given to the playing of practical jokes. Possibly descended from an ancient Roman festival, the custom took hold in France around 1564, when the date of the new year was changed from 25 March to 1 January on the adoption of the Gregorian calendar (which replaced the Julian calendar and entailed some rearrangement of the dates of certain festivals). Festivities marking the start of the New Year had for centuries been celebrated on the first day of April, postponed until then because 25 March fell during Holy Week. With the change in the date, many French peasants played the trick of arriving unexpectedly on their neighbors on 1 April to fool them into thinking it was still the first day of the New Year. The day subsequently became enshrined worldwide as one on which to test the humor of friends and neighbors, the most popular jokes including sending people on pointless errands (the tradition has been increased in scope in modern times by the sometimes very plausible tricks perpetrated by the media).

Superstitions has it that license for such activities expires at twelve noon, and any jokes attempted after that time will bring bad luck to the originator of them. Anyone who fails to respond to tricks played on them in the proper spirit of tolerance and amusement will also suffer bad luck. It is further said that compensation for being fooled by a pretty girl will come in the form of marriage to, or at least friendship with, the girl in question. Marriage on April Fools' Day is not, however, a good idea for a man, for he will be permanently ruled by his wife. Children born on this day will experience good luck in most matters, but will only meet with disaster when it comes to gambling in any form.  

Book Trailer and Excerpt Sign Up

Calling all Bloggers!

In anticipation for the release of my YA novel, Taste, in May 2012, I'm organizing a book trailer and excerpt reveal, which goes live on April 16

If you want to participate by posting the trailer and excerpt on your blog on April 16, please leave the link to where I can find your email address on your blog in the comments section and I'll email you the details.

I'm so excited about this and the more the merrier when it comes to participants.

Please spread the word if you can about the sign up too. 

Have a great week ahead!

Meeting Lauren Oliver

Late Friday night I received an invitation to the Lauren Oliver book signing event to be held the following Sunday. Since not many YA authors make it to our shores, I thought it would be fun to attend. So, I bought a copy of Delirium, which I've been wanting to read for the longest time and prepared to meet Lauren Oliver.

Come Sunday, I journeyed to Makati, had lunch at Heaven and Eggs, watched The Hunger Games (the awesomeness of which will be discussed in another post), and made my way to Powerbooks in Greenbelt. I got there just in time to catch a snippet of the interview and eagerly stood in line to have my book signed.

As I was chatting with fellow event attendees, I thought I had my introduction perfected. I imagined myself confidently going up to the table with my speech. I would introduce myself as a fellow author whose debut novel would be released in May. Oh, if only the plans in my head actually manifest in real life.

The moment I stood in front of Lauren Oliver and she looked up at me with those gray-green eyes my brain short-circuited. My introduction turned to gibberish. And I was reduced to a blubbering puddle of admiration. I turned from author to fangirl in the second it took for Lauren Oliver to smile at me. How useless was I?

Anyway, I managed to exchange a couple of less than "stalkery" conversation, got her signature, and took a photo with her. All in all, I wasn't escorted out of the premises by security. I consider it a success.

Note to self:

1. Must gain more self-confidence.
2. Become more comfortable in front of other people.
3. Try not to talk too much when nervous.  

Sharing the Cute

It's the weekend again! And because everyone deserves some down time from the grind, I thought I would share the cute with all of you. To read the articles about each of the cuteness I present before you, just click on the source link.

This one is for all the dog lovers out there. Behold, the smallest dog in the world:


I know, I know, it's a puppy, but this Dachshund/Chihuahua mix is the smallest puppy to be born. It's the size of an iPhone. Don't you just want to cuddle this little guy?

Of course, we can't disappoint all the cat lovers out there. So, behold the fat cat that makes fine art:


I believe the Mona Lisa really did have a cat on her lap. *laughs* You should see the rest of the gallery. Click on the source link.

And last but certainly the picture that made me go "Aww!" is this:


How can you go wrong with orphan baby owls? They're in tea cups! Tea cups! It's so cute.

I hope the cuteness above made you smile today. Have a great weekend. And if you've already watched The Hunger Games know that I totally envy you right now.

Page One: Outsourcing

In the near future, humans will lose all patience to communicate with each other on the phone. The once popular call centers have become deserted since no one would want to take the high paying job anymore. This drove the company owners to outsource once again the already outsourced job. Someone suggested the employment of fairies. This idea was based on their long life expectancy. He realized that if something could live that long then certainly they would have enough patience to deal with irate callers. And so, the Fairy Based Calling System or the FBCS was established.

            The phone rings.

            The fairy checked the location of the incoming call before picking up. “Good morning! Thank you for calling the customer support line. How may I help you?”

            “Ah yes hello,” the human said irritably. “I’m having problems with my internet connection again.”

            “Can I have your name sir?” The fairy said calmly.

            “What does giving my name have to do with it?”

            “It’s so that I can access your account sir.”

            “Oh well. David Sullivan.”

            “Thank you.” The fairy typed the name into the system. “Good morning Mr. Sullivan. Can I have your account number please?”

            The caller grumbles a curse. “It’s 5-061-182. Can you hurry up?”

            “One moment sir,” the fairy said as she studied the nature of the account. “I see that there has been maintenance going on in the area since the early hours of the morning sir.”

            “What does that mean?” The caller all but shouted.

            The fairy took a deep breath before continuing. “It’s routine maintenance sir. Your connection will be up and running in a few hours.”

            “How long is a few hours?”

            “It says in the advisory sir that the technicians will be done before noon.”

            “What! Noon? But I have work to do! I need my internet connection.”

            “I apologize for the inconvenience sir.” The fairy wondered if she could start casting a spell before the human started to get even more irate.

            “This is more than just an inconvenience. Do you know how much money I stand to lose if I don’t get my internet connection fixed? I choose your company because of the guaranty of continued service.”

            “I understand that sir and once again I apologize for the inconvenience. I’m making a report now and sending it to Tech Support.”

            “A report? A report? What will a report do? It won’t get my internet connection back!”

            The fairy started murmuring the spell to calm down the caller, but before she could finish, he interrupted her.

            “Why are you murmuring? Oh! You’re not human are you! No wonder you’re not helping me properly. I want to speak to a human.”

            “Sir, I’m not sure what you are referring to.” The fairy stuck to the rebuttals given by the company. “We’re here to help you as best we can. Have a great day.” She hung up the phone and took a deep breath before moving on to the next call.

The BIG News

First, there was this.

Then came this.

Today, I have another one for all of you.

Drum roll please…

The picture above shows two copies of a contract for a three book deal with Omnific Publishing for my Reaper Series. I’ve been smiling so hard, I don’t this I'll ever need a facelift.

The first book of the series is tentatively titled Blind. It chronicles the life of a girl who sees dead people, the jaded reaper who falls for her, and Death, the reaper’s over-worked master. Blind is a love story unlike anything I’ve written before. And it introduces R.U.S.A or the organization of Reapers in the USA. I can’t wait to share Arianne’s, Niko’s, and D’s story.

If you’d like a taste, you can visit the newest section of my website called R.U.S.A. to read the first chapter. I’ll also be sharing the OST there when the time comes, along with the cover and many other fun things.

This post may look tame, but I assure you, I’m screaming inside.

I just didn’t want to fill this page with all caps.

*happy dance*

Have a great week, everyone!

Now, if I can only stop worrying about which freakin’ team Peyton will choose…sigh.

Dark Shadows Trailer

I can't wait to watch this:

Page One: His Mistress

Death grew tired of being alone. He envied humans for their concept of companionship. He wanted to have someone to confide in. He needed someone to agree and disagree with. He just needed, that was all there was to it.

Anne Mary was born to play the violin. She was considered a prodigy. Without lessons, she was able to play the stringed instrument. All she needed to do was listen to any melody and she’d be able to play it. When she finally learned how to read notes, her talent seemed limitless, and her hunger grew.

A moment—Death doesn’t count in hours or days—during his search, he heard a melody. The tune was something out of the netherworld. Its meaning could only be fully understood by those who exist outside the realm of human reality. Death was drawn to the enchanting, yet morose music. A violin called to him.

In her continued search for the ultimate piece of music, Anne Mary sent out a call for sheet music from anyone who would allow her to play them. One day—she counted in days—a thick package arrived without a return address. When Anne Mary opened it, a note fell and it read: Play this and see what comes to you.

Intrigued by the note, Anne Mary looked at the sheet music. The paper was yellow and old, but the black notes still stood out. Its title was Lucifer’s Aria.

Death reached the source of the melody, and if he had breath, he’d have gasped. She stood in the middle of the room in a trance, playing from sheet music that looked familiar. Her ebony hair was half swept up in an elegant style, which framed her face and neck nicely. She wore a red dress, reminding him of blood on a battle field. Her skin was pale, almost ashen in color. He knew, it was then he knew, she needed to be his, and nothing would stop it from happening.

Anne Mary started playing the Aria not knowing the consequences of each note her violin sang. A force she couldn’t stop or didn’t want to stop pushed her on. She wanted to play the intriguing piece. The moment she started, it was all over. Something took over her and wouldn’t let go. The piece was intoxicating—a chocking sadness, yet longingly calling out…mournful, yet filled with unshed tears.

When Anne Mary opened her eyes, a cloaked figure hovered in front of her. Everything seemed cold. Hopelessness filled the room. Who are you? She asked, continuing to play.

I am the taker of lives, the bringer of souls to rest. I am that which ends beginnings and begins with endings, it answered. I have been searching for you and you shall be mine.

Anne Mary did nothing but play. She couldn’t seem to stop anymore nor did she want to stop. There was no stopping the melody coming from her violin and the figure seemed so entranced by it. When she finally found her voice she asked, what do you want with me?

Everything that you have and everything that you have yet to have, that is what I want. Requiring your companionship is what I crave. This song is what brought me to you and there is nothing that will allow me to leave without you. Come with me. Step into the countless millennia I walk upon, my mistress, and Death reached out to her.

Ryan Gosling as Walt Disney


Believe it or not, the poster above is fan-made. You can click on "source" to read the full article about it. But what I wanted to share with all of you is the possibility this poster evokes. One, I really want to watch a movie about the life of Walt Disney. Two, I think Ryan Gosling would be awesome as Walt. What do you guys think? But Ron Howard as the director? I don't know. And, did you see the hidden mickey? The more I stare at the poster the more I want to watch the movie that doesn't even exist yet. Hollywood, please, please make this happen!

Shoe Girl

You know my mother is guilty about something when she comes home with a brand new pair of shoes for me. I don’t know how this thing between us started, but I’m not one to complain. Ever since I was little, shoes have been my main fashion choice. I love trying them on. I love buying them. There was even a time when I was a stress shoe shopper, which I am glad to report I have kicked years ago. Hello, I’m Kate, and I’m a recovering shoe addict. Today, I’m happy to buy a pair and just look at the rest longingly.

One of the questions I like to ask is: If I opened your closet, what would I find most of. For me, that would have to be shoes. I love clothes too, don’t get me wrong. You have to have the clothes to match the shoes. Am I right, shoe girls?

So, for this post, I decided to show some examples of shoe girls through the years. I certainly don’t want to amass the number of pairs they have, but I can still appreciate where their love is coming from.

My first shoe girl would have to be Kim Kardashian.


Let me be clear, this is the first and only time I will ever mention her name on my blog. And the reason is I was browsing through Yahoo one day and there was an article that shows her shoe closet. I’m never one to walk away from a shoe closet. But unlike Kim, I’m not the type who likes to buy the same style in different colors. If I buy wedges, I try to make sure they are of a different style and color scheme, like the examples I’ve shown along with this post courtesy of my mother’s guilty conscience.

My second shoe girl would have to be my favorite: Carrie Bradshaw.


Who isn’t a fan of Sex and the City? Gosh, I watched the episodes just to see what Carrie would wear, especially the shoes. The difference between us though would have to be I don’t aspire to spend hundreds of dollars on a single pair. Even if I have the money, I would still go to Payless for shoes. Although, my dream is to have a closet like the one Big gave Carrie in the movie. We’re actually in the planning stages of building a new house, and guess what my closet will look like?

My third shoe girl is one for the history books: Imelda Marcos.


Everyone who loves shoes should know that name. The woman is in the Guinness Book of World Records for having amassed more than three thousand pairs of shoes. This lady took shopping to a whole knew level. Not only would she buy a pair in each color, she would buy a pair in each style. I was surprised she didn’t buy a pair per size. That takes shoe love to a scary, I-need-counseling level. For me, I just want to get to a point in my life where I don’t have to worry about the price tag when I want to buy a pair of shoes. I know the price range of the stores I love and I just wish there comes a day when I can say I want that without checking the sole for the price. Sigh. Dreams are free, right?

So, based on the examples above, would you call yourself a shoe girl? Are shoes the first thing you gravitate to when you’re in the Mall? And, what’s you’re favorite style to wear? Flats? Wedges? Pumps? Let me know.

John Carter and the stretching of imagination

Yesterday, I had the pleasure of watching John Carter, a movie about a man who finds himself transported to Mars. The story isn’t that complicated. John Carter finds himself the savior of two warring races. He falls in love with the princess and they get married. Between all of that, adventures and shenanigans ensue. But that’s not what I’m blogging about today.

I want to blog about stretching your imagination.

One of the reasons why I like watching movies like John Carter is because I sit in the theatre in awe of the creativity and imagination of whoever created the story. John Carter is only one example. I’m also referring to Avatar, Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, basically any fantasy or sci-fi movie/story you can think of.

Can you just imagine the kind of imagination it takes to not only create a world around your characters, but to also create their own society, culture, traditions, and their own language? It’s the kind of creativity and imagination I aspire to.

When I first started writing, I was a big fan of fantasy novels. I gorged myself on anything Raymond E. Feist or David Eddings. I thought to myself, I’ll write a fantasy novel too. Oh was I over reaching. It slowly dawned on me the intricacies involved in writing a novel along the scale of a fantasy, especially if you’re thinking high fantasy. Sometimes I wonder what George R.R. Martin was thinking about when he was writing The Game of Thrones series. That’s an epic series right there. James Cameron took close to twenty years to make Avatar from conception to the actual film.

John Carter may not be as grand as the examples I have mentioned in this post so far, but the details were spectacular. The tattoos. The world Mars was made to be. The armor. The flying machines that vaguely resemble dragonflies. I mean everything you see in the movie is a variation of something familiar, but the changes to the familiar are what make the movie what it is—an enjoyable watch.

How far would you stretch your imagination? Would you try to invent a language the way Tolkien did? Would you create a world from scratch and fill it with all the little details needed to bring it to life? I guess that’s why there are pages upon pages within fantasy that describe nothing but the landscape.

I wonder if I could do it. When I was younger, I thought I certainly could. Now that I know better and I’ve learned a thing or two, can I actually follow through with writing something on such a grand scale?

When world building, everything has to have a name for it to exist. It’s part of what makes us human, the naming of things. So if we as writers want to create our own world, not only do we have to be innovative in our thinking, we must also stretch our imagination farther than what we think are its limits. I wonder how it feels to think in such grandiose terms? To give birth to a new species? To create a culture with its own traditions?

Page One: His Taste on Her Skin

She tasted the forbidden every time her lips met his. The salt of their sweat mixed together after the rubbing of their bodies excited her. There were times when she allowed herself to go without bathing so his scent remained on her skin. But she knew if she was caught, it would be over between them. No matter how much they felt for each other, the situation wouldn’t change. She was Druma or sky blood and he was Drucca or earth blood. One pure. One tainted.

They believed Druma blood came from great winged beings who'd forsaken the sky for the earth. They cut off their wings and buried them into the earth, thus creating the Drucca, the tainted ones. It was because of the Druma that the tainted ones lived, and it was through this sense of gratitude that the Drucca served them. None of them must ever mix bloodlines upon pain of death. This was the law they lived by.

She was the beloved sister of the King and he was the Commander of her bother’s army. Druma prophecy told of one born purest of the pure, bringing back the winged ones from the beginning. He had risen from the dirt to become the highest ranking Drucca in the history of their kind. Prophecy also spoke of him. But they—she and him—didn’t know any of the prophecies, only the Elders did.

They met at a ball to honor his ascension to Commander. She fell the moment his eyes met hers. They knew each other the moment they danced. They shared the forbidden the moment their bodies felt release. There was no turning back for them. Their affair remained hidden in dark rooms, shadowed gardens, and secret coves bathed in light.

The day they were discovered came from the strangest of places. They had just been together. There was an event that morning. She was in a hurry and he was too. She only had time to change, and she suspected he didn’t have that luxury. She prayed her brother wouldn’t smell him on her or her on him. Everything was going well until her beloved pet came up to him enthusiastically. Her brother bent down to pick up the little mite and the breeze shifted. Her brother looked at his Commander then at her.

They were brought to the Elders and the prophecy was foretold in its entirety. The one born purest of the pure and the one who had risen from the depths of the tainted will come together to open the doors of the future for their people. She found hope in this, but he was filled with doubt. He didn’t believe in prophecy.

Despite what the Elders said, only the King could decide their fate. Her brother was torn between the laws they lived by since the first wings were buried and the prophecies foretold by the same beings that came from the sky to live on the earth. She came up to her troubled brother and held his hand. Even if he knew he shouldn’t touch her for she had been with a Drucca, he held on. His Commander remained kneeling before him with his head bowed.

She knew from the moment she gave herself to him, she wouldn’t plead for mercy. He knew the moment they were caught, he would take matters into his own hands. The King asked him to stand and as he did he readied himself of what was to come. The judgment would be swift.

The King gave the hand he held of his sister to his Commander. When the two held each other, the King looked at the Elders. The prophecy would be fulfilled, but they shall both be exiled to the farthest reaches of their Kingdom to live out their lives. There will be no death this day for the two, but they shall not be allowed to step foot onto this part of the land ever again. She, the purest of blood, who gave herself to him, the tainted who had risen from the depths; from this union will come a boy who shall be born with the wings thought long to have been cut away.

Tag! You're it!

Guess what, everybody? My blogging sister, Sophie, from Life Between Pages tagged me for a Q&A meme and I'm more than happy to participate. Just for fun!

Sophie's Questions for the Tag:

1. What's the name of the book you've had the longest and still haven't read?

The book I've had the longest that I haven't read is El Zahir by Paulo Coelho. Now, don't get me wrong. I love Coelho. Absolutely devoured Veronika Decided to Die. The only reason I haven't read El Zahir is because I wasn't looking when I bought it and it's in Spanish. Lesson here: Leaf through the book before purchasing to see if it's in the right language.

2. Do you have a favourite place to buy books?

My favorite place to buy books would probably be National Bookstore. It's a local store here in the Philippines. I just love the atmosphere when I come in. And usually the first thing I see when I walk into the store is the table for the Best Sellers.

3. What are some of your favourite films?

One of my all time favorite films has to be The American President with Michael Douglas and Annette Bening. It's the ultimate love story in my opinion because it shows that no matter how busy a guy is, if he REALLY likes you, he'll find the time to date you. Something to think about, ladies.

4. Other than blogging, what do you like to do?

I like to bake. There's something about it that's very calming for me. Plus, I get to put a smile on people's faces when I give them something sweet to munch on.

5. Who's your favourite literary couple?

Hmmm...that makes me think. It's not literary per se, so I'm cheating a little bit, but my favorite couple would have to be Amanda and Jack from Suddenly You by Lisa Kleypas. They're from the very first historical romance novel I've ever read. And to be honest, it's kind of like life imitating art for me. At least, in my dreams. ;-)

6. Are you more of a techno-phobe or a techno-geek?

I'm in between, I think. There are times when I know next to nothing about technology, but when I sit down and start learning, I get it pretty quickly.

7. What was one of your favourite TV shows when you were a kid?

My favorite TV show from when I was a kid would have to be Saber Rider and the Star Sheriffs. I swear, I was in love with Saber Rider. He started my penchant for blonds, blue-eyed guys, and guys who know how to ride horses.

8. Now for the age old question... what's your favourite word?

Shenanigans. There's just something about how this word sounds when you say it that brings a smile to your face. Plus, I've found myself in the middle of some awesome shenanigans in my day.

9. Do you have any pets? If so, what are they?

I used to have a dog. My heart still breaks thinking about losing him.

10. Do you read any magazines or newspapers?

I'm more of a magazine girl. It's bad that I get my news from the TV rather than a newspaper.

Okay, now for the tag rules:

1. You must post the rules!
2. Answer the questions and then create eleven new questions to ask the people you’ve tagged.
3. Tag eleven people and link to them.
4. Let them know you’ve tagged them.

Here are my Tag Questions:

1. What's your go to book to read again and again?
2. If your life was a reality show, which one would it be and why?
3. What's the one song you have on repeat?
4. If life is like a box of chocolates, which kind of chocolate are you in the box?
5. If I looked in your closet right now, which article of clothing you have the most of?
6. Which book on the NY Best Sellers List would you have wanted to have written?
7. If you could be anyone famous, who would it be and why?
8. What would you do with a million dollars?
9. If you knew for sure that the world is ending, what's the first thing you'd do?
10. Which fictional character would you want to meet in person and why?
11. If you met your sixteen-year-old self today, what would you tell her?

Tag! You're it!

1. Rachel Firasek
2. Samantha Sotto
3. Tara Fuller
4. Angie Sandro
5. Lisa Kessler
6. Rachel Harris
7. Christine Ashworth
8. Ciara Knight
9. Hildie McQueen
10. Sasha Summers
11. Renee Rearden

Again, just a little fun. :-)

Chasing Your Dream

One thing about me is that when it comes to reality TV, I like competition shows. I love watching people chase after their dreams. Whether it is Top Chef, Project Runway, or even America’s Next Top Model, many of the contestants say the same thing: This is my dream. I live those words daily, and to watch people do the same thing brings joy to my heart. But this year, no show brings these words to life more than The Voice.

To be honest, I’m not a big fan of singing competition shows, but I took a chance with The Voice and I’m not disappointed one bit. The show has brought me to tears more times than I can count. I love watching people get a chance at fulfilling their dream. And what makes The Voice so unique is the Blind Auditions. The contestants sing to the backs of four of the biggest names in the music industry. If one or more of them likes the voice, they press a button and turn around.

Another thing I love about The Voice is that instead of judges, they have coaches. It’s about nurturing talent, helping someone hone what they have. I mean, if you’re a singer, wouldn’t you want to have Adam Levin, Christina Aguilera, Cee-Lo, or Blake Shelton coaching you? The opportunity alone is already worth it. The four of them are hilarious when they are trying to win someone they like to their team.

Watching The Voice is so inspiring. It’s not a popularity contest. It’s showing what you’ve got with the help of someone who’s already made it in the industry you’re trying to break into. It’s like if Suzanne Collins or Lisa Kleypas said they’d mentor me and my writing. Not that in a million years would they ever consider doing that for little ol’ me, but that’s the kind of thing The Voice does for aspiring singers. It’s like when I look up to awesome writers and say to myself: If I can be an eighth as good as they are I’d be over-the-moon happy. I have a feeling the singers under the care of the four coaches on The Voice are thinking the same thing.

The show doesn’t have arrogance. That most of all is what gets me coming back week after week. I like seeing the singers grow into their talent, learning everything they can from the great artists brought in to mentor them. Advice like that is priceless.

I love it when a show makes you feel like you can do anything. Age isn’t even a factor when it comes to pursuing your dream. Can you imagine someone at 64 auditioning on The Voice? That’s how magical the show is. It’s not a question of how old you are, it’s are you chasing your dream?

Page One Launch

It's the weekend again, and what a good time to launch my latest page on this blog. I hope that you join me in celebrating the first post for Page One. *applause*

I have many writing exercises. One of them is one page short stories, usually based on a picture that I've found. I call them Picture Stories. This is what Page One is all about. Once a week, I will be posting a short to share with all of you.

Keep in mind, these stories are spontaneous. I type and type until I fill up one page, but only one page. So, for this first post, I'd like to present: "Twisted Love"

He was tired of running. She was a psychopathic, blood sucking, demon woman, and he was damned if he would ever understand why he loved her. Her nail marks down his back were still fresh. One moment they were having primitive, in-your-face sex, and the next, she had her teeth bared and he was trying to kill her.

For the first time in his career as a bounty hunter, the situation was messy. He let himself get involved with his prey. Before, it was shoot first then ask questions later – only if needed. Now it was: I just want her legs wrapped around me while I take her. When did it get so complicated? He asked himself as he loaded his revolver – silver bullets with nitroglycerin capsule tips. It was the perfect weapon for demons like her. The bullets caused quite the mess upon impact.

When he was starting out, he would always pick the “preferred dead” bounties. One, the pay was way higher. Two, it was less messy. And three, he could satisfy his trigger happy personality. There was nothing like blowing away a demon or a goblin or whatever was running toward him. The adrenalin rush was much better than the Rainbow Cigarettes he was addicted to. Yes, they were called Rainbow Cigarettes. But, no matter how frilly the name, he sucked up his pride and bought them. They were made of tobacco leaves and pixy dust – hence the “rainbow” part of the name. Better than any cigarette in the market: less nicotine, but twice as addictive. Once you start, you’re devoted for life.

He puffed out silver colored smoke as he pulled back the hammer. With an audible click, he was locked and loaded. It was a shame that he had to kill her. All that mind-blowing sex just went out the window.

She was near. He could feel her blood lust coming for the throbbing pulse in his veins. They had a fight – a big one. He didn’t know exactly how it started. All he remembered was that they had just finished their latest romp and were heavily panting. Afterwards it was all a blur. Doing it with a demon was an extreme sport. They had the kind of stamina wild horses could only dream off and the bending power not even snakes can achieve. Remembering all the different positions they were in made him grin. I should have shot her the first time I saw her, he thought.

When he first heard of the large bounty, he was skeptical. In all of his years in the business, he had never known a bounty so big. Ralf, his informant and Rainbow Cigarette supplier, was doubtful about the situation too, but not about the bounty.

She was the daughter of the meanest, ugliest, most ruthless demon in the country. Demons were loyal creatures to one another until they smell betrayal. Word was, she stole something very precious from her dear father and he placed a bounty on her head without even caring about getting back what was stolen. She just needed to be dead, and that was that. Demons were also highly illogical creatures.

His gun was already poised to shoot when she entered the apartment he was hiding in. She certainly seemed angry enough, with her claws out and her luscious lips in a snarl. He could never focus when it came to her. The same thing happened when he first saw her at the bar he frequented. When she came in, it was like everyone in the room stopped moving. She had presence and legs which never ended. Her hair was long, straight, and blue black – a great contrast to her ultra pale skin and red eyes. Demons had red eyes. It didn’t help that she was wearing a chain mail looking dress that hid next to nothing to the imagination either. He felt the crotch of his pants tighten just as his jaw hit the bar he was leaning on. She smelled of jasmine and juniper blossom.

He took another puff of his cigarette before spitting out the butt. It bounced on the floor twice before rolling to a stop a few inches from her spike-heeled boots. She stood there panting, like after she had just finished riding him hard, but there was no contentment in those ruby eyes – only bloodlust. He was going to die, he knew it. He couldn’t lift his gun and aim at her. Dammit, he thought, when did it get so messy?

He asked himself again as she began to rush toward him.
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